Demolishing Two Tents and a Shack in Al Ramadeen

Demolishing Two Tents and a Shack in Al Ramadeen



Violation: demolishing 2 tents inhabited by 18 people (including 13 children) and a shack.

Location: Al Ramadeen – Qalqiliyya.

Date: September 6, 2012.

Victims: two Palestinian families, 18 people (including 13 children).




Khaled al Jakharma almost burst into tears when seeing the Israeli dozers leveling his simple sackcloth shelter being leveled, almost a year after the demolition of his first house in addition to a shack; bringing back memories of the expulsion of 1948 and their deportation from Beer Shiva to the West Bank.


On September 6, 2012, Israeli troops accompanied by a dozer broke into al Ramadeen before the dozer knocked down two residential tents and a shack. The targeted structures were warned several time because of unlicensed construction in the village that is not even recognized by the Israeli Occupation Authorities.


Table 1: demolished structures:


Family members


Targeted structures




Khaled Jakharma





Notified previously

Abdullah Jakharma




Notified previously










Qader Jakharma, Chief of the Ramadeen said: ‘we have been living here since 1966, before the Israeli Occupation of the West Bank; we rented this plot from farmers of Jayyus and Qalqiliyya.


Since the Israeli conquest in 1967, the Israelis have been restricting our movement and growth in addition to daily aggressions against farmers and structures which is obvious knowing that all the structures here have been either demolished or notified of demolishing. They have tried to displace us using whichever means.


The Israelis want us to obtain construction permits although we know for sure that we will not be granted ones, they just want more excuses to demolish the structures; besides, the Israeli Occupation Authorities consider the plot we live on as an ‘absentee property’ and do not recognize the lease contract. Nevertheless, and no matter how many obstacles they put in our way, we will stay at our homes and what happened in 1948 shall never happen again‘.


Al Ramadeen al Shamali:


It is located 700 meters to the north east of Qalqiliyya, within the areas isolated behind the segregation wall. It is 700 meters away from Zufim colony and meters away from a military camp.





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