Colonists Attack a Mosque

Colonists Attack a Mosque


Violation: colonists write offensive slogans on a mosque and attempt to set a car alight.

Date: September 12, 2012.

Location: Abda, Dora – Hebron Governorate.

Perpetrators: colonists.

Victims: Salman al Farsi Mosque and Husam Dudin.




On September 12, 2012, Israeli colonists attacked Salman al Farsi Mosque and tried to torch a car in Abda village. The colonists wrote offensive slogans on the mosque walls and sprayed a car with gas in attempt to burn it.


Munther al Rabi’, Imam of the mosque, said: ‘while heading to the mosque for the morning prayers, we saw the offensive slogans; one of the folks translated the writings and it said ‘paycheck and Migron’. In the morning, I notified the Palestinian Waqf of the incident and they informed the Israeli side. The Israeli Police showed up and an officer who called himself Husam started to ask questions about the incident; he demanded that we file an official complaint in Kiryat Arbaa Police Station. We headed to the Police Station to do what he said and found it really difficult to get to the officer in charge who heard us but surely never acted’.




Picture 1-3: offensive slogans


The Imam accused the colonists of the attack saying that he has been an Imam for over 15 years and never heard of such an attack and these slogans appear whenever colonists attack an area. As for Husam Dudin, the owner of the car that was sprayed with gas, he said: ‘at around 2:00 am, I heard the sound of a car stopping beside my house; when I looked out of the window, I saw two people stepping out of a red Subaru; one of them was holding a bottle and started pouring something on the front seat. I jumped out and when I opened the door they got in the car and fled.


He said that when he heard about the slogans in the morning he knew that colonists attacked his car.



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