Eviction orders for Bedouin Families in At Tawil to the east of Aqraba – Nablus

Eviction orders for Bedouin Families in At Tawil to the east of Aqraba – Nablus




Violation: 2 eviction orders for Bedouin families.

Location: At Tawil to the east of Aqraba – Nablus.

Perpetrators: the Israeli Occupation Army.

Victims: 2 Bedouin families, a total of 18 people including 11 children.

Date: August 26, 2012.




At Tawil to the east of Aqraba has been the target of numerous ruthless measures by the Israeli Army and colonists.  The farmers have lost huge areas to Israeli colonialism as wel as turning hundreds of dunums into closed military zones. The Israeli policies target the very existence of the Palestinians as most of the structures in At Tawil, a total of 18 structures, are threatened with demolitions or evictions. It is obvious that the Israelis take every chance to damage the Palestinians lives.




On August 26, 2012, an Israeli force broke into the village and handed eviction orders for 2 residences and 3 barns; according to the orders, evictions must take place within 24 hours. The structures are owned by Rafi’ bani Jaber and Fahmi bani Jaber.


Table 1: victims:


Family members





Rafi’ bani Jaber





Fahmi bani Jaber











*source: Field Observations – Monitoring Israeli Human Rights Violations Team – LRC





Picture 1: Rafi’ structures




Picture 2: Khalil structures



At Tawil – an overview:


At Tawil is part of Aqraba village; it is 1.5 km away from Aqraba residential area. At Tawil is full of Islamic and Roman ruins and it has a number of old wells. Its mild climate seemed to attract people over the centuries.


At Tawil total area is around 30,000 dunums, including 8,000 dunums of arid lands unsuitable for cultivation as well as 15,000 dunums that are used for seasonal crops and 7000 dunums that have been captured by the Israelis.


The area is subject to colonial activity presented in Jetit colony (established in 1973; its total area is 1720 dunums and inhabited by 191 colonists), Ma’ale Afraym (established in 1970; its total area is 4778 dunums and inhabited by 1423 colonists), Itmar colony (established in 1984; its total area is 7189 dunums and inhabited by 651 colonists). It’s worth mentioning that At Tawil is inhabited by around 500 Palestinians who depend largely on agriculture and herding in their living.




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