A New Colonial Outpost in Sinjil

A New Colonial Outpost in Sinjil



Details: colonists embark on establishing a new colonial outpost.

Location: Ras ad Deir, east of Sinjil.

Date: August 4, 2012.




In 2002, the Israeli Occupation Authorities embarked on placing a number of mobile homes around an Israeli Military camp located in Sinjil.Sinjil’s Municipal Council pleaded to the Israeli Supreme Court to stop the confiscations but their efforts were futile. In the past few months, colonists started placing a number of mobile homes and tents in the area, showing their intention to turn the military camp into a new colony devouring huge areas of agricultural lands.


Picture 1: tents around the military camp

Picture 2: lands captured by the colonists




The confiscated lands are inaccessible by the Palestinians subject to a permit by the Israeli Occupation Authorities. The Israelis planted 5 colonies and a military camp over Sinjil; they used more than 75% of the village lands for colonization and military zones.

5 colonies reside over Sinjil including, Shilo, Ma’ale Livona, Shivut Rahel, Rahut, Albaten.



It is located 20 km north Ramallah and is adjacent to by-pass road ’60’. The village total area is 14000 dunums including 2800 dunums of built-up area which is inhabited by around 7000 people. The unemployment rate in Sinjil has reached up to 25%; many of the locals depend largely on humanitarian aid in their living. The village has been suffering from the colonists aggressions which occur almost on daily basis.





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