Stop-Work order on a residence in the Hebron village of Al-Samou’

Stop-Work order on a residence in the Hebron village of Al-Samou’
  • Violation: serving stop-work order
  • Location:  Deir Shams hamlet- Al-Samou' village
  • Date: July  11, 2012
  • Perpetrators: – Israel Civil Administration
  • Victims:  Citizen Mohammad Abu Tabikh


Israeli occupation authorities served on July 11, 2012 a stop-work order on the residence of Mohammad Abu Tabikh in Deir Shams hamlet, west Al-Samou' village in Hebron governorate. Noteworthy, the owner of the house found the order hanged on the door .

At time, the owner of the targeted house prepared the legal file necessary to defend the case in Israeli courts and applied to obtain a building license from there as well. The affected owner also sought the attorney of Anti-Wall Commission t to object to the order in courts. After five years, the attorney informed the affected that a master plan for the land must be prepared. This happened after a demolition order was served on the house.

It should be marked that the affected citizen sought AL-Samou' Municipality for help, which in its turn guided the residence owner to Land Research Center. The center prepared a case-study about the citizen's case to help him to apply for a building permit in Israel Civil Administration.

It is reported that the affected house is of 144m2 in area and was built in 2012. The residence is home for a nine member family including four children. Noteworthy, the house is composed of four rooms, guests room, kitchen and bathroom.

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Photos 1-3: the targeted house





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