Ravaging 30 Trees in Nahhalin

Ravaging 30 Trees in Nahhalin




Violation: breaking and uprooting 30 trees.

Location: Wad Sakran area in Nahhalin – Bethlehem.

Date: July 21, 2012.

Perpetrators: Israeli colonists.

Victims: Izzat Shakarna.







Izzat shakarna’s plot is located near the end of a sewage pipeline coming from Bitar Elit colony; the pumping of sewage have ruined his land and the trees were polluted rendering it unsuitable for human consumption. However, he was determined to plant his lands and take care of the trees in an attempt to protect the land from confiscation despite all the colonists attack. On July 21, 2012, Israeli colonists broke and cut 30 olive, grape, and fig trees.


The owner said: ‘when I go to check on my plot, I usually get harassed by the colonists who impede me with rocks, forcing me to find a hideout. But I will take care of my land and grow the trees no matter what they do; and I will never leave it despite the attacks and despite pumping sewage into my lands‘.



Picture 1: Izzat watching over his plot, the sewage pipe can be seen in the background



Picture 2: the plot




Picture 3-5: scenes of the attack





The village is located 9 km to the south west of Bethlehem and 3.5 km to the east of the armistice line of 1949. It is edged by Bitar Illit and Hadar Bitar colonies (north), al Khader (east), Wadi Fukin and the armistice line (west), and number of Israeli colonies (Rush Tzorim, Ealazr, Allon Shevut, and Ezyon) (south). The village’s total area is 17250 dunums including 496 dunums of built-up area, inhabited by 7460 people according to the PBS statistics of 2007.


Israel has confiscated 2988 dunums of the village lands for colonial expansion purposes. 5 colonies inhabited by more than 30,000 colonists reside over the village lands. They are all part of Ezyon colonial compound which hold 11 colonies within.

Previous confiscations:


Nahhalin had its share of Israeli confiscations for various purposes, construction of the wall, colonial expansions, and bypasses Israel has confiscated more than 2988 dunums of Nahhalin (17.3 % of the village area) to strengthen colonial projects in the area, projects that includes 5 colonies which inhabit 30,000 colonists nowadays.




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