Ravaging 21 Olive Trees in Bitillo

Ravaging 21 Olive Trees in Bitillo



Violation: ravaging 21 olive trees.

Location: Kafr Soum area.

Date: July 15, 2012.

Perpetrators: colonists of Nahliel.

Victim: Mohammad Badr (61).







On July 15, 2012, a group of Israeli colonists sneaked into the agricultural lands of Kafr Soum before ravaging 21 olive trees.



Picture 1-2: attacks on olives


The ravaged trees are the property of Mohammad Badr who suffered a similar attack on March 10 were 71 trees were ravaged.  Mohammad Badr said: ‘colonists set the lands of Kafr Soum as a target for their aggressions while getting support and protection of the Israeli Occupation Authorities. Last time this happened, the owner filed an official complaint to the Israeli Police but his complaint was apparently brushed aside; the Israelis imposed even more movement restrictions on him as a result.’


Nahliel was established in 1984 over lands of Bitillo and al Janya. The colony expanded by the construction of several outposts which were eventually merged to form Nahliel colony which has taken over tens of dunums of Palestinian lands. It also spreads terror around the peaceful country side as 400 of the most radical Jews reside in the colony.




Bitillo is located 19 km to the north west of Ramallah; it is considered the largest village, are-wise, in Ramallah Governorate. The village is edged by Bir Zeit (east), An Nabi Saleh (north), Ras Karkar and Al Janya (south), and the ‘Green Line’ (west). around 4500 people inhabit the village, mostly youth.


The village is known for planting olives, prunes, figs, and citrus. More than 2000 dunums of the village lands are suitable for cultivation. The village total area is 13419 dunums including 5825 dunums of water fed plants and 2500 dunums of olive fields.




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