Colonists Use Fraud to Capture Lands

Colonists Use Fraud to Capture Lands


Violation: Israeli colonists use phony documents in an attempt to prove their ownership of lands around Migron colony.

Location: Burqa – Ramallah.

Date: July 3, 2012.




Since the Israeli occupation of Palestine, the Israelis have turned to every possible way to prove their ownership of the land and prove their connection with it; this made them terrorize Palestinians, forging history, defiling religious sites, and even go as far as counterfeit documents and deeds. The Israeli Supreme Court ordered the evacuation of the colonial outpost of Migron which is built over Palestinian private property.


However, the sentence did not stop the colonists who believe that these lands are part of the so-called ‘historical Israel’ and that Palestinians are not allowed to live in; in order to prove their claims, the colonists forged property deeds with the help of the Israeli Occupation Government. The colonists appealed to the Court and presented phony purchase contracts.


The first contract was allegedly signed by Yousuf Al Nboot of Deir Jrer in May, 2011; however, Yousuf passed away in 2011. The second contract was signed by Fahmi Samareen of Burqa in the US Ministry of Foreign Affairs but the signatory died in 1961. Despite the support of the Government, the Israeli Court had no choice but to cancel these contracts and brush aside the colonists claims.




Migron is a colonial outpost that was built over lands of Burqa village; it is inhabited by a bunch of radical Jews who belong to the so-called ‘Kahana Hai’ group which launched several attacks against the Palestinians in Burqa including the attacks signed by ‘pay back’ which included the torching of Burqa Mosque.



Picture 1: Migron



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