Colonists Cover Susiya with Racist and Offensive Slogans

Colonists Cover Susiya with Racist and Offensive Slogans



Violations: writing offensive slogans in Susiya.

Date: July 12, 2012.

Perpetrators: colonists of Susiya.

Victims: residents of the Palestinian village of Susiya.




Colonists of Susiya,a colony which holds the same name as a nearby Palestinian village, broke into the village and wrote offensive slogans on its entrance and a water tanker. Mohammad al Nawj’a, a villager, said that the colonists wrote offensive and racist slogans on the rocks at the village entrance and a water tanker which he owns. The slogans said ‘death to Arabs’, ‘revenge’, and ‘payback’.


He said that an Israeli patrol showed up later and asked him who wrote these slogans, pointing at the slogans on the tanker. Mohammad replied by saying the colonists did but the soldiers accused him of doing so. He simply replied, ‘I do not speak Hebrew’.








Picture 1-8: offensive slogans


It is worthy to mention that villagers of Susiya area facing displacement as the village suffered a number of demolition campaigns and it is obvious that there are more to come.




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