Israeli Violations in the occupied city of Jeruaslem during the month of May 2012

Israeli Violations in the occupied city of Jeruaslem during the month of May 2012


In May, 2012, the Israeli Occupation Authorities escalated their aggressions against Palestinians in the Occupied City of Jerusalem. Most of the neighborhoods in the city were subject to aggressions varying from house demolitions, demolition threats, land confiscations, etc. Lately, houses seizures and harassments of Palestinians have become trends.

In May, 2012, the Israeli Occupation Army demolished 8 Palestinian structures (4 residences); three of those residences were demolished by the owner. They also destroyed a water cistern in Beit Hanina and 3 commercial shops in Hizma. As for demolition threats, the Israeli Municipality in the Occupied City handed in 8 notifications indicating that there won’t be any extension to the demolition orders of residences in Al Bustan neighborhood, which means that demolition of tens of residences is imminent.

Arieh King, a colonization tycoon, threatened to evict Diab family in al Sheikh Jarrah, claiming that their residence is a property of a Jewish family. An Israeli Court ordered the eviction of Jamjoum and Maslamani families based on claims that their residences are built over ‘state property’.

Colonization and confiscations:

Colonial groups are placing fake graves over a 36-dunum area located to the south west of Al Aqsa. The Israeli Land Authority announced calls for tenders for the establishment of four hotels in Tabalya, Beit Jala; an area edging Beit Safafa. 

Attacks on religious sites continued as cracks could be seen in Ein al Loza Mosque due to the excavation in Wadi Hilwa and Ein al Loza.  Several break-ins of al Aqsa Mosque yard were reported; these break-ins were blessed by the Israeli government and protected by the Israeli Police.

In other places of the Occupied City, on May 10, 2012, Israeli colonists celebrated the so-called Lag Ya’mir in Al Sheikh Jarrah area; rituals included starting fires in deifferent areas.

Also, Israeli colonists organized a series of hostile demonstration in commemorating the day where Jerusalem was put under full Israeli control; calls for the destruction of al Aqsa Mosque could be heard all around the city. For moer information, click here




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