Demolition 6 Commercial Structures in Beit Hanina

Demolition 6 Commercial Structures in Beit Hanina


Violation: demolishing 6 commercial shops.

Date: June 12, 2012.

Perpetrators: the Israeli Municipality in the Occupied City.

Victims: Usama al Malhi and Taleb Idris.




On June 12, 2012, Israeli dozers knocked down 6 commercial shops (one building with a total area of 350 m2) located in Beit Hanina to the north of the Occupied City of Jerusalem. The demolition was justified by unlicensed construction. The building is the property of Usama al Malhi and Taleb Idris who bought it from Nabi al Rishq.


Table: victims of the aggression:





Area (m2)



Walid al Kir

Cab company




Yacoub al Rajabi

Barber shop




Taleb Idris (co owner)

Coffee shop


Losses estimated to be around 50,000 ILS


Ulayyan restaurant

Meat storage










Usama al Malhi said: ‘we bought the building in 2006 from Nabil al Rishq who built it in 2002. Soon afterwards, we received a 500,000 ILS penalty for building without permit followed by 3 demolition orders. We applied for a permit and paid 160,000 from the penalty amount. Despite all this, they demolished the structure without even letting us clear the contents.


Two dozers raised the building with all its contents.  One of the workers was sleeping in the building; if he didn’t wake up, the building would have collapsed over him. The Municipality ordered us to clean the rubble within a week or further penalties will be imposed. In addition, we are ought to pay for the demolition costs, more than 50,000 ILS. The total number of victims is 25 people.’




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