Attacking Trees in Qinan Jaber

Attacking Trees in Qinan Jaber
Violation: cutting 29 trees.
Date: May 2, 2012.
Perpetrators: Susiya colonists.
Victims: Abdul Kareem al Jindi.
Israeli colonists cut down trees in Abdul Kareem al Jindi fields located in Qinan Jaber in Yatta. Al Jindi (44), said: ‘I got to my field when I saw 7 colonists and 3 soldiers; they fled as soon as they saw us coming. When I had a closer look, I found that all the trees were partially cut or damaged one way or another‘. He accused the colonists of committing such a crime under the protection of the Israelis soldiers.
 Picture 1-4: traces of the attack
He tried to trim some of the branches and tie others in an attempt to save the trees. 29 trees were damaged in the attack, 17 3-year-old peach, 11 2-year-old olives, and 2-year-old fig tree. Al Jindi rehabilitated the plot 3 years ago to have it as a secondary source of income for his 14-member family. He pointed that the colonists embark on provocative tours in Palestinian lands on daily basis; accompanied by dogs and sometimes riding horses.

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