Susiya Faces Deportation

Susiya Faces Deportation


The Israeli tend to capture as much Palestinian lands as possible to serve the Israeli colonization policy and satisfy the radical colonists. Mohammad an Nawj’a, principal of Susiya school, said: ‘in 2000, the Israeli Occupation Authorities deported Palestinians of an Nawaj’a family who inhabited Susiya. They had no choice but to reside in Khallit Saleh, to the south of Yatta.


A month later, a lawyer, with the help of a number of humanitarian agencies, managed to persuade an Israeli Court to allow the people back to Susiya for a year to decide on their fate. When the year passed, colonists increased their attacks upon the residents to force them to leave’.


Rateb Jbour said that the Israeli Occupation Army ordered them to leave on the same pretext. Mohammed said that they pleaded to stay on their lands via Qamar Mashreqi, an attorney of law. He also said that the Israeli Occupation Army arrested his nephew a day earlier claiming that he ‘threatens the colonists’ security’. It must be noted that the Israeli orders threaten 30 households; deportation awaits people residing in the eastern part of Susiya.


The people of Susiya suffer from unstoppable aggressions carried out by the colonists and the Israeli Army which are trying to force the Palestinians out of the area. At the same time, foundation is being laid for the expansion of the nearby colony of Susiya.




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