Evicting Al Natsha Family in Beit Hanina

Evicting Al Natsha Family in Beit Hanina
Violation: evicting Al Natsha family from their house and handing it to a Jewish colonial Society.
Location: Al Ashqariyya neighborhood, Beit Hanina, the Occupied City of Jerusalem.
Perpetrators: Jewish colonial Societies aided by the Israeli Occupation Army.
Victims: Al Natsha family, owners of the house.
Date: April 18, 2012.
On April 18, 2012, Israeli troops broke into Al Natsha residences and forcefully evicted them before handing the house over to Israeli colonists. A large Israeli force set a perimeter around Al Natsha residences before breaking into them and ordering the residents to evacuate them immediately by orders of the Israeli Magistrate Court and in favor of the godfather of Israeli colonization in the Occupid City Ari King, chairman of the ‘Israel Land Fund’.
The family refused to leave the houses where they have lived for 14 years. Suleiman al Natsha bought the 15-dunum-plot in 1935, long before the declaration of the so-called State of Israel. However, the Israeli troops did not respond lightly to the family rejection and assaulted Suleiman (24) before arresting him. They also attacked Omar (18) and scored his head and broke the hand of Ahmad (16). Soon afterwards, workers emptied the house of its contents and Jewish colonists were allowed in before the eyes of the owners.
Lubna al Natsha stated to a Land Research Center observer: ‘in 2001, Ari King paid us a visit alongside the so-called Meskovitch, the Jewish multi-millionaire; King claimed ownership of 5.5 dunums, he said that his grandfather bought the land in the 1930’s and he told my husband that we must evacuate the land. Soon afterwards, we were informed that king is suing us. In 2005, the Israeli Magistrate Court ruled in his favor and ordered us to evacuate the plot. In 2010, my husband appealed to the Central Court which rejected the appeal and forced us to pay the colonists’ lawyer fees, an amount of 5000 ILS in addition to 16,000 ILS to the Court fund‘ The Police has always been serving the colonists; they broke into our house several times in an attempt to force us out, the most recent raids took place on February 21, 2011 and March 27, 2012‘.
Captured residences:
1.     Khaled al Natsha, a 3-bedroom, 95-m2 residence which was inhabited by an 11-member-family including 6 children.
2.     Suleiman al Natsha, a 2-bedroom, 40-m2 residence which was inhabited by a 3-member-family including a child.
3.     Khaled Arafat al Natsha, a 3-bedroom, 100-m2 residence which was inhabited by a 6-member-family including 4children.
Coherently, the Israeli Occupation Authorities handed Mohammad al Joulani (disabled) an eviction order for his 70-m2-residence which was built in 1998. The residence shelters Mohammad 6-member family (including 4 children). The Israeli Municipality in the Occupied City fined him an excess of 60,000 ILS and set April, 22, 2012 as the date for a hearing session to be held in this regard.
Land Research Center condemns the Israeli measures that aim to seize Palestinian property and evict Palestinians and replace them with Jewish colonists which scandalously contradicts with the international laws and conventions. Land Research Center holds the international community accountable for the Israeli crimes since it is observing but not acting to stop them.