Gilad Zohar colonists ravage 25 olive trees in Far’atta village

Gilad Zohar colonists ravage 25 olive trees in Far’atta village
 Violation: ravaging 25 olive trees.
Date: March 12, 2012.
Perpetrators: Gilad Zohar colonists
Victims: Ayman and Tayseer Tawil.
Location: Wad Sirra – Far’atta
Olive trees have been targeted by the Israeli Army and colonists since the Occupation of Palestine because of its symbolic and cultural value of the trees for Palestinians. For them, olive trees are unwanted entities which they have tried to get rid of for years using all kind of methods.
On Monday, March 12, 2012, a group of colonists ravaged 25 15-year-old olive trees in Wad Sirra area of Far’atta. The colonists, hidden by the night cover, took advantage of the prohibition imposed on the Palestinians which states that Palestinians are not allowed into their lands unless they receive special permits from the Israeli Army.
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Gilad Zohar colony:
5 years earlier, Israeli colonists captured huge areas of the lands of the Palestinian villages of Tal, Far’atta, Surra, and Amatin for the purpose of starting a new colonial entity, Gilad Zohar, which has been expanding ever since. Colonists have been targeting Palestinians with varied attacks against their lands, houses, cattle and humans. The locals filed many complaints to the so-called District Coordination Office, but they never found any listening ears.
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