Two Stop-work Orders in Al Ramadeen – Qalqiliya Governorate

Two Stop-work Orders in Al Ramadeen – Qalqiliya Governorate
Violation: stop-work orders for two residences and 3 shacks.
Location: Al Ramadeen – Qalqiliya.
Date: February 2, 2012.
Perpetrators: the so-called Regional Inspection Committee.
Victims: 2 families of Al Ramadeen, a total of 17 people including 7 children.
People of Al Ramadeen originate from the Ber Sheva area; they were displaced in 1948 as a result of the Israeli conquest. They took refuge in southern Hebron before being forced to move again due to the lack of resources. They moved to the northern part of the West Bank forming to gatherings, Al Ramadeen al Shamali, north of Qalqiliya, and Al Ramadeen al Janoubi, south of the city. Al Ramadeen gathering, the like of any other residential community in the West bank, has been a target for constant Israeli aggressions; not a single structure has been spared from a demolition order. A total number of 31 orders threatening 110 people.
Opposite to Al Ramadeen, stands the Israeli colony of Zufim; the colony has been expanding over Qalqiliyya and Jayyous while taking over natural resources in the area. The colonists are using the snake-like segregation wall to implement colonial plans aiming to capture as much lands as possible.
On February 2, 2012, an Israeli force broke into Al Ramadeen and handed stop-work orders to people on the pretext of building without a permit in an area classified ‘C’ according to Oslo. The orders gave the owners till February 23, 2012 to apply for permits. It must be noted that it is almost impossible for a Palestinian to acquire a permit in an area classified ‘C’.
Table 1: Victims:
Family members
Kassab al Sho’our
9 5 1 1
Notified previously
Adnan al Sho’our
Notified previously
Al Ramadeen (south):
Al Ramadeen is located to the north east of Qalqiliyya, behind the wall and 700 meters away from Zufin colony. There is also an Israeli military encampment tens of meters away from the gathering. Around 60 families, 200 people, inhabit the area.
Picture 1: Al Ramadeen (south)
Since the construction of the segregation wall, Al Ramadeen along side Abu Farda (150 people), Ad Day’a (279 people), Wad al Rasha (180 people), and Ras Tira (410 people) were all placed within a pocket of the wall forming some sort of a ‘ghetto’. The communities have been surrounded by the wall with only two Israeli-controlled gates connecting the communities with their Palestinian surroundings. At the beginning of 2009, the Israeli Supreme Court ordered the adjustment of the route of the segregation wall. All of the aforementioned communities were left out of the ‘ghetto’ except Al Ramadeen.
The Israelis efforts to evict Al Ramadeen were futile thanks to the people’s dedication and determination to keep their lands. In 2008, the Israeli Supreme Court have ruled out the Israeli Army demands to forcefully evict the people of al Ramadeen based on proofs that the people own the lands long before the Occupation of the West Bank in 1967.
However, the Israeli Army attempts to clear the gathering are a proof that Israeli Courts orders have no value and plans are made on different levels. 90 or so structures in Al Ramadeen are facing constant demolition threats and the same goes for tens of communities in the Jordan Valley area.
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