Israeli troops demolish a playground and a cultural café in Wadi Hilwa

Israeli troops demolish a playground and a cultural café in Wadi Hilwa
At 6:30 am, on Monday February 13, 2012, the Israeli Police laid siege on Wadi Hilwa – Silwan and blocked all its entrances. Moments later, a dozer broke into Wadi Hilwa 800-m2 playground and ravaged it alongside a cultural café in the area. Around 50 policemen, officers of the Israeli Municipality, officer of the Israeli EPA, and some masked men were observing the demolition.
Jawad Syam, spokesman of Wadi Hilwa Center, stated to an LRC observer: ‘the Israeli Occupation Municipality has been having a long awaited plan to turn this particular plot into a parking lot for colonists visiting the area, especially Eir David colonial society. We filed a case in Israeli Courts objecting on changing a cultural and sport center that is beneficial for youth with a useless parking lot, knowing that the neighborhood lacks the basic services despite paying taxes. The only service provided is collecting garbage and it lacks offering green or public spaces.
Two years earlier, donations were made from the locals to build the play ground which also included a small cultural café. The aim was introducing sports activities including table tennis and horse riding knowing that the playground included a small stable.
Today, everything is gone, the only space for our children was removed, they even tried to confiscate the ping pong table but the youth gathered and protested and did not allow them to‘.
Picture 1-4: raised playground
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