Ordering the Removal of a Number of Structures in Jericho

Ordering the Removal of a Number of Structures in Jericho
Violation: stop work and removal orders for a number of structures.
Location: Deir abu Hijla and Al Zoor – south east Jericho.
Perpetrators: the Israeli Occupation Army.
Date: January 2, 2012.
More than 20 Israeli vehicles broke into Deir abu Hijla and Al Zoor, southeast Jericho.  Israeli soldiers handed the workers stop-work and eviction orders for structures standing for around five years. The structures are under the control of the Palestinian Ministry of Wakf and Religious Affairs. Deir abu Hijla is an area classified ‘B’ according to Oslo Agreements whereas Al Zoor is classified ‘A’ with the exclusion of a relatively small area.
Table 1: targeted structures:
Al Sultan Company
Sunuqrut Group
2 dunums
30 families
40 tons per month
Orders target workers room and two offices
Jericho Dates Company
Zuhair Manasra
1.6 dunums
25 families
Packing and marketing dates and
80 tons per month (dates maturity season)
The removal of a big warehouse as well as the main building
Picture1+2: The Threatened lands

Picture3+4:The Threatened Company
It is apparent that the Israeli Occupation has been seeking the destruction of the Palestinian Agricultural sector by taking over natural resources, especially water. The Israelis set various laws and regulations serving that purposes; the most significant of them was the prohibition of water extraction and handing the responsibility to the Israeli Water Company, Mikrot.
In addition to water, land confiscation has been a common matter; since 1948 the Israelis has captured thousands of square kilometers of Palestinian lands; lands that were used for the Israeli economical, agricultural, and urban development.


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