Israeli Sets 320 Surveillance Cameras in Silwan

Israeli Sets 320 Surveillance Cameras in Silwan
On January 3, 2012, the Israeli Occupation Police placed 320 CCTV cameras in Silwan. The cameras were directed towards the Arab residents’ houses, compromising their privacy.

Picture 1: surveillance camera overlooking a Palestinian residence
The Israeli Occupation Authorities had usually placed such cameras around colonial outposts and gatherings; however, it is different this time as the cameras are set towards Palestinian residences. Fakhri abu DYab of Silwan Defense Committee stated: ‘320 cameras were set in Silwan, most of them are headed towards Palestinian houses; they were placed in colonists-free areas which means that the target this time is Palestinians’ privacyThe cameras were set on poles in the streets; in some places, you could see that 2 cameras are headed towards the street and 8 others towards Palestinian residences. Any one who sees the cameras could tell that they are headed towards the houses, targeting and compromising their privacy.
The International Laws and conventions guarantee people’s privacy and considered any violation of this privacy as a direct violation of these people’s rights.


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