Blocking a road in Tal Rmeida – Hebron Governorate

Blocking a road in Tal Rmeida – Hebron Governorate
On January 25, 2012, the Israeli Army blocked a side road in Tal Rmeida using earth mounds and cement blocks. Eyewitnesses stated that an Israeli dozer blocked the road under the protection of the Israeli Army. They stated that the side road leads to Hana abu Haikal residence which has been the target for numerous attacks including setting her car alight a week ago.
Picture 1-2: closures in Tal Rmeida
Hana said: ‘blocking the only road that lead to our house is the Israeli way to impose more pressure on us to force us to leave.‘ She also said that Hebron Municipality opened the road to enable her to get to her house which is located near the Israeli colony of Ramat Yishai, built over Tal Rmeida lands.
Hana complained of having no connection with its Palestinian surroundings and that she has to use alternative routes through agricultural fields to get to work, school, etc. Also, she believes that blocking the road will affect many farmers who have agricultural fields in the target area.
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