The Israeli violations of human rights in Jerusalem city

The Israeli violations of human rights in Jerusalem city
The violations rate had increased during the month and the attacks against Palestinian individuals and property continued unabated.LRC recorded a total of 80 violations including 33 committed against the right to adequate housing; including:
  • 5 residences were demolished in Al Ka’abna family dwell in Beit Hanina; the residences were inhabited by 37 people including 25 children.
  • 4 residences were demolished in Al Z’ayyem were 38 people including 26 children were rendered homeless.
  • 3 eviction orders were issued against residences in Bir Ayyub and Wadi Yasoul in Silwan.
In addition, 5 cases of house seizures, or seizure attempts were recorded; these included:
  • Israeli colonists threatened to displace Zalloum family (20 members including 11 children) and move them from their 3 houses in Al Qarmi, in the Old City.
  • The so-called ‘Guardian of the Absentees Properties’ threatened to evict Samreen family house in Wadi Hilwa – Silwan, the house is inhabited by three families with a total of 12 people (5 children).
  • El Ad Colonial Society attempted to take over Abu Thiab residence in Wadi Hilwa – Silwan.
16 cases of house raids were recorded during November, 2011 with the purpose of inspection or penalizing. The houses were being inspected in detailed while the contents were being messed up in every raid (Silwan: 11, Beit Iksa: 2, Qalandiya: 1, Beit Hanina: 1, and Al ‘Isawiyya: 1).
Plowing and Demolitions:
The Israeli Occupation Municipality in the Occupied City executed 8 bulldozing operations as well as 4 demolitions in various parts of the Occupied City; these included:
  • Demolishing a shack and two sheds as well as bulldozing a 1250-m2-field planted with 22 trees in At Tur.
  • Demolishing 2 sheds with a total area of 600 m2 used as a burrow in Al Z’ayyem. The sheds were owned by Al S’edi family.
  • Leveling lands in Lifta in a step towards building a parking lot.
  • Leveling lands in Karm al Mufti area in al Sheikh Jarrah.
Colonization and Confiscation:
  • The Israeli Occupation Municipality announced the take over of 650 m2, property of the Armenian Monastery.
  • In Ras al Amoud neighborhood, the Israeli colonists objected to the rehabilitation of the neighborhood mosque claiming that it is built on ‘Jewish property’ and criticizing the Police for not interfering.
  • The Israeli Municipality is targeting the only recreational ground in Silwan; an 800-m2-playground. The Israelis, who used to break into the field frequently, declared their intentions to take over the area claiming that the playground is illegal. They also made clear their intentions to use the field as a parking lot for the ‘Jewish visitors’ of the so-called David City.
  • Reports surfaced on the Israeli Occupation Authorities intention to build a new ‘biblical park’ on Jabal al Masharef (Mount Spocus) over a total area of 706 dunums.
  • The Israeli Occupation Housing Minister informed Pisgat Z’ev colony council of his intention to build 800 colonial units to create a connection with Jerusalem city.
Segregation Wall:
  • The Israelis tend to complete the wall sections surrounding ‘Anata and Shu’fat Camp; construction in between Ras Shihada and Ras Khamees has intensified in November. The checkpoint in the area will be turned into a permanent crossover as part of the wall which will isolate Jerusalem from its Arab demographic extensions.
  • The Israeli Occupation Authorities completed the construction of the wall section separating Jerusalem from Beit jala town.
Siege and Blockade:
  • Despite 11 crossovers around the city as well as tens of checkpoints, watch towers, and surveillance cameras, 23 ‘flying checkpoints’ were placed in the Occupied City in November.
  • Abu al Izz shop received more than 50 penalties for posting pictures of the Turkish Prime Minister, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.
  • Israeli troops broke into Bali Falafel Restaurant and confiscated all its contents; an estimated 100,000 ILS losses were recorded.
  • Tens of fines were imposed on Arab shops in Saladin and Al Zahra’ Streets.
Violations against individuals:
  • 2 armed Israelis, wearing civilian clothing, broke into Mohammad Naser shop in Al ‘Isawiyya. They attacked the owner, Omar Taha, a customer, and Yaser Abdul Wahed, who was standing by the shop door.
  • Israeli troops physically and verbally abused 3 members of the Jaber family when breaking into their house in Silwan.
  • 13 Palestinians were abruptly detained in various neighborhoods.


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