Olive Trees were Victims of the Israeli Aggressions

Olive Trees were Victims of the Israeli Aggressions
It has never been foreseen that a tree might become a target for continuous hostility and brutality despite the fact that this particular tree has been a symbol of peace and prosperity through out the years. The olive picking season is considered a season of joy and delight; it is also a season were Israeli colonists are most active; they commit their crimes of theft, harassment, physical and verbal abuse, cutting down trees, uprooting trees, and even murder.All was done under the watchful eyes of the Israeli Occupation Army which provide these colonists with protection, aid, and probably coordination and supervision.
The Israeli aggressions campaign was coupled with extensive colonial construction campaigns all around the West Bank; construction which implicitly gave the green light to colonists to proceed with their actions and showed their radical and racist Government support. 73 related violations were recorded during the 2011 olive picking season; 65 committed by colonists and the rest by the Israeli Occupation Army.The attacks are considered the most intense and most vicious during the past 6 years.
Aggressions took many forms but served the same purpose which is ruining the olive picking season.  Ovadia Yosef, spiritual leader of the Shas political party, and former Chief Rabbi of Israel, said a year ago that cutting down and torching trees as well as stealing crops is permitted and is a ‘religious obligation’.
LRC has been keeping a close eye on Israeli Aggressions that cost the Palestinians dearly; 3408 trees were ravaged or burned, hundreds of farmers were detained, prevented from accessing their fields, and one of them was even murdered, and tons of yields were stolen.

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