Stop-work Order for a School in Susiya – Hebron

Stop-work Order for a School in Susiya – Hebron
The Israeli Occupation Authorities issued a stop-work order against Susiya’s school and an unpaved road leading to it. Mohammad al Hboor, the principal, stated to an LRC observer: ‘the school has been operating since October, 2010; we placed 4 tents to be used as classrooms and a fifth to serve as a teachers’ room; the school conditions are far from appropriate or convenience.

Picture 1-2: military orders
‘In December, 2010, a strong storm blew the tents away, I gathered donations from the town folks and others to build 1.5-meter-high block-rooms roofed with tents to serve as a class room. Afterwards, ‘Access Aid’provided us with bricks and enough money to build toilets; we managed to build four classrooms and a teachers’ room.‘A Civil Administration Officer demanded the immediate stoppage of work in the school claiming that construction in the area is prohibited.However, we reviewed maps and schematics as well as referring to the UN OCHA for information. Apparently, the information we acquired persuaded the Civil Administration of the eligibility of construction.’
Picture 3-5: Susiya School
On October 23, 2011, the Israeli Occupation civil Administration handed Mr. al Hboor a stop-work order for the school and the unpaved road leading to it. The road (500 meters long) rehabilitation started in October 1, 2011 in through a project funded by ‘Action against Hunger’ organization.The Israeli Army confiscated a dozer operating in the area.
The principal stated that the simple school was drowning in debt and he was trying to attract donors to enhance its condition; nonetheless, he received the Israeli Order. The school serves 37 students and is operated by 7 teachers including the principal.
The Israelis aggress students and teachers many times; students are being chased on their way to/from the school on daily basis. On the other hand, both teachers and students were forced to leave the school at the beginning of the school year. Fadi Shreteh, a teacher, said: ‘during the second semester, a herd of colonists attacked one of the student’s family which drastically affected her academic performance; she was the best in her class.
The principal called for all the humanitarian organizations to stand up against the Israeli aggressions and provide protection for the students. He also demanded allocating funds to hire a lawyer to appeal against the Civil Administration order. He said that the educational situation will be ‘catastrophic’ if the Israelis demolish the school.


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