Demolition a Water Pool in Al baq’a – Hebron Governorate

Demolition a Water Pool in Al baq’a – Hebron Governorate
Violation: demolishing a water harvesting pool.
Location: Al baq’a – Hebron.
Date: November 17, 2011.
Perpetrators:  the Israeli Occupation Authority.
Victim: Badawi al Rajabi.
On November 17, 2011, the Israeli Occupation Authorities demolished a water gathering pool in Al Baq’a, eastern Hebron. Israeli troops accompanied by two dozers and a truck broke into the area before carrying out the demolition. The Israelis did not only destroy the pool but also filled it with rubble.
The Israelis had previously demolished the pool in 2009; however, Al Rajabi rebuilt it in order to use it to irrigate his 20-dunum-field.The leaking water soaked the field and damaged the trees in it.

Picture 1-4: Israeli dozers carrying out the operation

Picture 5: leaking water
Al Baq’a has been an Israeli target for years. The Israelis have been confiscating lands, equipment and irrigation networks as well as destroying water pools and stopping any rehabilitation projects. The Israeli colonies of Kharsina and Kiryat Arbaa stand in the area; recently, expansion rates in both colonies have rapidly increased.


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