Demolition 5 Structures in Idhna

Demolition 5 Structures in Idhna
Violation: demolishing a house, two sheds, and two wells.
Location: Idhna – Hebron.
Date: November 24, 2011.
Perpetrators: the Israeli Occupation Army.
Victims: several families.
On November 24, 2011, the Israeli Occupation Army demolished a house, 2 sheds, and 2 wells in Al Bas and Al Ras areas, western Idhna. Israeli troops, a dozer, and a jackhammer broke into the western part of town before initiating demolitions. LRC field observers reported the following details:
Ahmad al Jiawi residence:
The Israeli dozer demolished the 75-m2-residence built out of bricks with metal slabs roof.

Picture 1-4: the house ruins
Al Jiawi and his 5-member-family moved to the house around a year earlier. He pointed that he received a stop-work order issued on July, 2011, on the pretext of no construction permit; however, he completely neglected the order out of his believe that objection to it will be futile.
He said:’ the Israeli Occupation Authorities notified my house; however, due to the financial difficulties and the high costs of preparing the ‘permit file’ I did not apply. It is a fact that the Israelis ignore any Palestinian permit request. They only waste our time and will eventually execute their plans regardless of the land ownership’.
Al Jiawi and his family were forced to move back to his parents place while pointing out that he built the primitive house for both families to have more independence and privacy.
Demolishing two sheds:
The Israeli campaign targeted two sheds owned by Haitham ‘Awawda; the first is 32 m2 in area and was used as a warehouse; it was built 13 years ago.
Picture 5: the warehouse before demolition

Picture 6: the warehouse turned into rubble
They also demolished an 8-m2-shed.
Picture 7: the shed before demolition
Picture 8: the shed turned into rubble
Impairing a water spring:
The Israeli dozer filled a water-well with dirt rendering it useless while destroying the bower covering it.
Picture 9-10: damage done to the well
The well, property of Abdul Rahman Faraj Allah, was built in 2006 to irrigate around 3 dunums of land. Two previous notifications were issued in May and June, 2011, which the owner objected to. His efforts were in vain as he never heard a reply.
More wells to destroy:
The Israeli dozer filled yet another well with dirt as well as ravaging a nearby lemon tree. Ahmad Faraj Allah dug the well in 1996 to use its water to irrigate 2 dunums of land planted with lemon trees.
Picture 11: the well unharmed

Picture 12-14: traces of the aggression
Table 1: demolition campaign in Idhna:
Target structures
location/ Idhna
Ahmad al Jiawi
Demolishing 75-m2-house
Al Ras
Haitham ‘Awawda
2 sheds, 32 m2 and 8 m2
Al Bas
Abdul Rahman Faraj Allah
A well used to irrigate 3 dunums of land
Al Bas
Ahmad Faraj Allah
A well used to irrigate a 2-dunum-lemon-field
Al Bas


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