Demolishing Residential and Agricultural Structures in Al Khan al Ahmar – Hizma

Demolishing Residential and Agricultural Structures in Al Khan al Ahmar – Hizma
Violation: demolishing 3 residences and 3 shacks
Location: Al Jahalin dwelling in Al Khan al Ahmar area – Hizma
Perpetrators: the Israeli Occupation Army
Victims: 29 Palestinians including 19 children
Date: October 31, 2011
The Jordan Valley area has been a target for intensified colonization in recent years; the attacks against Paletinian people, structures, and fields continue unabated. On October 31, 2011, Israeli troops accompanied by officers of the so-called Civil Administration broke into a nomad gathering in al Khan al Ahmar to the east of Jerusalem and nearby Maale Adummim colony.
The Israeli troops demolished 3 residences and 3 barns, all built in a primitive way using metal slabs, wood, and cloths. The demolitions rendered 40 people homeless as well as more than 260 ruminants in the open. The Israelis claim that the residents were built illegally omitting the fact that the owners and their families inhabited the area for more than 26 years.
Table 1: victims of the Israeli Aggression:
Family members
Mohammad Jahaleen
12 8
A metal house and a shed
Previously notified
Suleiman Jahaleen
9 5
A metal house and a shed
Previously notified
Salman Jahaleen
8 6
A metal house and a shed
Previously notified
29 19

Picture 1-3: Al Jahaleen dwelling
Around 145 people of Al Jahaleen reside in al Khan al Ahmar area. They have been suffering the consequences of the Israeli Occupation since 1948. In 1950, Zionist gangs arbitrarily displaced Al Jahaleen from their homes in ‘Tal Arad’ in Beer Shiva.
Most of them moved to areas in the Jordan Valley while others moved to Jordan.
They suffered more than any other from the Israeli colonization machine. The Israelis placed Maale Adummim and Mishur Adummim around the dwellings of Al Jahaleen. The existence of these colonies gave the Israelis justification to demolish their houses and further deport them.
In 1967, the Israelis forced many of Al Jahaleen members, spreading all around the Jordan valley to reside in one single village; the Israelis called it Al Raghabna. 3000 people live in that village nowadays. Nevertheless, a lot of Al Jahaleen members spread around Al Khan al Ahmar area while maintaining their nomadic life style.
They have been a target for the Israeli unstoppable aggressions in past years which is evident in the house demolitions, land confiscations, and stealing of equipment and cattle.

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