Uprooting 100 Trees in Al Walaja – Bethlehem Governorate

Uprooting 100 Trees in Al Walaja – Bethlehem Governorate
Violation: uprooting 60 olive trees and 40 fig, grapes, and apricots as well as destroying some seasonal plants
Location: ‘Ein al Hadafa – Al Walaja
Date: October 3, 2011
Perpetrators: Israeli workers, under the protection of Israeli troops
Victims: various villagers
On October 3, 2011, the Israeli Occupation Army plowed 60 olives trees and 40 fig, pear, and apricot trees. More than 10 (4 cultivated and 6 cultivable) dunums were targeted in the operation.  The purpose of the Israeli attack is opening a road to facilitate the construction of the segregation wall; at the same time, the locals are anxious about the fate of the graveyard in the village which is to be cut in half by the wall.
It must be noted that Al Walaja Village Council assigned Gayyath Naser, an attorney of law, to defend the confiscated lands in the Israeli Courts. The villagers have been in close contact with the attorney in an attempt to save their lost lands.

Picture 1-4: the road

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