Stopping a Reclamation Project in Suba – Idhna – Hebron

Stopping a Reclamation Project in Suba – Idhna – Hebron
On October 9, 2011, the Israeli Occupation Army ordered the stoppage of the ‘Integrated Land Reclamation’, a part of the ‘Improving livelihood in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (West Bank)’ program funded by the Netherlands Representative Office and executed by LRC in Suba site in Idhna, western Hebron.
The program is implemented by a number of civil society organization and supervised by the Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committee (PARC).The program aims for improving access to food and living conditions of marginalized families suffering from food shortage through improving access to natural resources in 80 Palestinian villages.The target lands are the property of Arfat and Tha’ir Qawasma with a total area of 9 dunums.

LRC condemned the Israeli raid on the program as well as the confiscation of a jackhammer, working for the project in the area, without any previous warnings.The Israelis have lately increased their attacks on reclamation projects; they prohibited the opening of an agricultural road in Jama’een as well as leveling reclaimed lands in Beit Ulla among others.
The Land Research Center calls all the humanitarian and legal organizations to expose the Israeli Occupation measures against the Palestinian lands and farmers; measures including land confiscation, ravaging trees, and taking over water resources while noting the crimes committed by colonists under the protection and supervision of the Israeli Army.
LRC calls the donors and the official bodies to compensate the losses of the farmers and contractors who are exposed to penalties and confiscation of their tools and machineries.


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