Extending the Closure of Palestinian Organizations

Extending the Closure of Palestinian Organizations
On October 27, 2011, Israeli troops broke into the headquarters of four Palestinian Organizations and ordered their closure for a month while claiming that they receive funds from ‘terrorist’ Organizations. Recently, the Israeli Occupation Authorities ordered the extension of closure of these organizations for a year.
1.     Shuaa Female Society in Shu’fat; it aims to empower Palestinian women economically, educationally, and socially. The Society condemned its closure in a press conference.
2.     The Jerusalem Institute of Development, both in Dahiet al Bareed; it provides various services to residences of the Occupied City.
3.     Sa’ed Instition located in Kafer ‘Aqab; Sa’ed provides educational services for students and schools.
4.     ‘Work without Borders’, a Palestinian Organization that provides job opportunities via the internet.
This is not the first time that such closures take place; the Israelis had previously closed tens of Palestinian educational and social organizations as well as a number of charities. 35 Palestinian organizations were closed and banned from 1967 till 2000 while 40 others were closed after 2000; these included the Orient House, Arab Studies Society, Land Research Center – LRC, the Palestinian Geographic Center, and many others.
Israel has been trying to isolate the Occupied City from its Palestinian surroundings, not only geographically, but also socially, economically, and nationally. The purpose of closing charities and community organizations which provide services to the Arab population of the Occupied City is erasing the Arab and Palestinian signs and forging facts and history.
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