Demolition Orders in Kafr ad Dik- Salfit Governorate

Demolition Orders in Kafr ad Dik- Salfit Governorate
Violation: stop-work and demolition orders for 7 agricultural structures and an agricultural road.
Location: Dahr Subeh, Northern part of Kafr ad Dik.
Date: October 9, 2011.
Perpetrators: the Israeli Occupation Army.
Victims: 6 families and the village population in general.
Kafr ad Dik has faced a new wave of Israeli violations against its lands and its farmers concurrently with the olive-picking season. Almost a week after the demolitions which targeted water tanks and agricultural shacks in the same village, which included 17 shacks, 2 storages, and 2 water tanks; the Israelis broke into the village for a second time in a week and notified 6 agricultural shacks and a 4-km-agricultural-road that is being milled through a project funded by the Netherlands Representative Office and implemented by the PARC.
The threatened rooms/ shacks are being used as storages for grains, seeds, and olives that are gathered after a long day’s work in Dahr Subeh, an area located 3 km to the village north. It must be known that there is no road access to Dahr al Subeh area. According to the Israeli orders, a hearing session will be held on October 31, 2011 in Beit El Military Court in regard to the notifications.
The designated road has received the second notification in less than a week. The contractor was ordered to immediately stop working in the road. On October 2, 2011, Israeli soldiers ordered the immediate overlaying of base course in the road connecting Kafr ad Dik with Dahr Subuh area.

Picture 1-3: the targeted agricultural road
The first notification demanded the removal of all heavy machineries and the presence of the contractor in Beit El Military Court early November knowing that the contractor company was done with two thirds of the road.
Table: victims of the Israeli orders:
Area (m2)
Family members
Structure type
Order number
Mahmoud Abdul Rahman
1 40 7
Zaher Ibrahim
1 46 9
Najeh Ahmad
1 40 9
Najiba Ahmad
1 44 8
Sa’dat Sa’eed
1 40 11
Basheer As’ad
1 56 6
Mohammad Ahmad
1 8
Water tank (80 m3)
Agricultural road
4-km agricultural road (second notification in a week)
8 266 58
Kafr ad Dik is one of the Palestinian villages facing Israeli escalations and attempts to deprive the Palestinians from their basic rights including the right to residency. More than 20 stop-work and demolition orders were served to structures in the village since 2000; all of them issued on the pretext of no permit in areas classified ‘C’ according to Oslo. The locals all what they can and more what they needed to do in order to acquire permits; nevertheless, the Israeli colonization policy seems to be stronger than the resident will.
Picture 4: Dahr Subuh area

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