Demolishing a house and a structure in Anata – Jerusalem

Demolishing a house and a structure in Anata – Jerusalem
Violation: leveling 2.5 dunums of planted with trees and demolishing a two-bedroom house and a chicken farm
Location: Anata – Jerusalem
Perpetrators: Israeli Occupation soldiers (around 100 soldiers)
Victim(s): Ahmad Hilwa family (14 members)
Date: October 25, 2011
On October 25, 2011,  5 Israeli dozers accompanied by 15 vehicles broke into Ahmad Hilwa field, leveling it and demolishing a chicken farm and a two-bedroom house where Ahmad, his wife, and his twelve children used to live in. More than 100 soldiers raided the land, 30 of them surrounded the family while pointing guns at them. The soldiers prevented the family from clearing the contents of the house.

The soldiers threw the contents of the house outside, damaging most of it. The dozers, in turn, leveled the land, destroying the house, the chicken farm and killing 2500 birds, uprooted fifteen trees, and destroyed 6 bee hives.
Ahmad stated to an LRC observer: ‘7 months ago, an Officer of the Israeli Civil Administration showed up in the farm and ordered me to stop working and handed me a written demolishing order. Two days later he ordered me to be present in Beit El with my son Mohammad for interrogation; they gave us two choices, either we allow them to build a gas station while granting us a road leading to it or demolishing the the structures. I assigned a lawyer to inspect the case for me; the response came days after that; it said that my case is confidential!
He stated that the soldiers and the dozers who committed the crime had no orders or warrants. He added: ‘the lands have been family property for centuries and the only reason for the demolition is its proximity to the segregation wall which is 300 meters away’.  He vowed to reconstruct the land and the structures because he has no other choice. The land is his and it is his right to do

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