Serving 3 Stop-work Orders in Al Farisiyyah- Tubas governorate

Serving 3 Stop-work Orders in Al Farisiyyah- Tubas governorate
Violation: issuing 3 stop-work orders against agricultural structures and residential one.
Location: Al Farisiyyah – Tubas.
Date: September 18, 2011.
Perpetrators: the Israeli Occupation Civil Administration – the sub-inspection committee.
Victim(s): Ghaleb Barakat, Mahmoud Arayshah, and Saleh Daraghma.
Al Farisiyyah, located in the heart of the Jordan Valley, has yet to suffer from another round of Israeli hostility, the kind of hostility that spared not humans, animals, plants, or rocks. The locals have been the target of day-to-day aggressions and demolitions against their properties and farms in addition to taking over the water resources.
On September 18, 2011, a large Israeli force accompanied by officers of the so-called sub-inspection committee and handed 3 stop-work orders to serve as a final chance to object to orders issued in July, 2011.
Table 1: information on the victims:
Family members
Ghaleb Barakat
9 5
Agricultural shack
Mahmoud ‘Araysha
6 3
Agricultural shack, residential house
Saleh Daraghma
7 4
Agricultural shack
22 12
Khirbet Al Farisiyya is located in Wadi Al Maleh in Tubas Governorate at a distance of 20 kilometers east of the city of Tubas. The lands of the Khirbet stretch between Al Tayaseer checkpoint and the Jordan River. Its current population is 400 Palestinians while the number exceeded 1,000 before the Israeli occupation of 1967.
The residents of the Khirbet depend largely on farming and herding as the main source of income. The main clans in the area are Bisharat, Dababiyyat and Dharaghma from the city of Tubas and the town of Tammoun. A number of the residents have their roots in the area of Yatta in Hebron Governorate. The residents live in tents and zinco structures all of which have received demolition orders due to its presence in a “Military Closed Area.”    
Ever since the Israeli occupation befell the region in 1967, it started a tireless campaign to annex the Jordan Valley under the pretext that it forms “the eastern defense line” and due to the fact that it has massive amounts of water in the eastern aquifer. The campaign included the confiscation of most of the agricultural lands and water springs in Wadi Al Maleh while declaring large parts of the Jordan Valley as closed areas to which Palestinian access is strictly forbidden.
 The campaign also included the establishment of a number of scattered colonies in the region, In case of Khirbet Al Farisiyya, two large colonies (Rotem and Makhola) surround it as they have devoured 700 dunums of the lands of the Khirbet. Moreover, Israeli occupation forces have transformed the eastern lands of Khirbet Al Farisiyya into mine fields while establishing military bases and training camps on its eastern ridges. 
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