Raveging 560 Olive Trees in Qusra village – Nablus Governorate

Raveging 560 Olive Trees in Qusra village – Nablus Governorate
Violation: Israeli colonists ravaged more than 560 olive trees.
Perpetrators: Maale Afraym colonists.
Victims: 9 families of Qusra.
Location: Al Kharab and Al Lahf, Qusra.
Date: September 25, 2011.
Palestinians have always cherished olive trees and considered the olive to be a symbol of peace, prosperity, loyalty, as well as a representation of their long lasting struggle.The Israelis realized such a symbolic importance of the blessed tree and decided to rage a war against it.Torching, cutting, and even theft of trees has become usual scenes.
It must be noted that the colonists aggression-rate increase rapidly during the olive picking season. On September 25, 2011, a group of Israeli colonists broke into areas known as ‘Al Kharab’ and ‘Al Lahf’, south east Qusra.The colonists ravaged 250 30-year-old olive trees as well as uprooting 310 2-year-old seedlings before destroying them.It is apparent, from the way the colonists maltreated the olive trees, the level of hate they have for this tree. They did not only cut or uprooted the trees but also tried to destroy it completely by breaking its branches.

Picture 1-4: scenes of destruction
The aforementioned areas have suffered from numerous similar attacks throughout the years besides the confiscation of huge areas of land.During the past few years, tens of attacks, ranging from physical abuse of farmers to depriving them from reaching their lands have been reported.
Most of these attacks were held by colonists who were assisted, protected, and probably supervised by the Israeli Occupation Army and Police. Other aggressions included setting trees ablaze, breaking and cutting trees, and the theft of crop.
It is located 18 km to the south east of Nablus city and is administered by Qusra village Council. Its total area is 9878 dunums that include 776 dunums of built up area. However, this area does not cover the expansion requirements of the village which forced a lot of the locals to build their houses in areas classified ‘C’ according to Oslo.
Qusra is inhabited by 4377 people according to the PBS statistics of 2007.It must be pointed that in 1982, Qusra and the nearby Jurish villages faced a large scale land confiscation campaign in preparation for the establishment of Majdulim colony which now covers an area of 170.6 dunums inhabited by 152 colonists.On the other hand, Qusra is suffering from the increase in demolition orders issued against structures in the village. More than 15 structures are facing real demolition threats. 


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