3 Stop-work Orders in Jit – Qalqiliya Governorate

3 Stop-work Orders in Jit – Qalqiliya Governorate
Violation: issuing 3 stop-work orders against structures in Jit.
Date: September 4, 2011.
Perpetrators: the Israeli Occupation Civil Administration – inspection subcommittee.
Victims: 3 households, a total of 15 people including 7 children.

Israeli troops accompanied by the Inspection Subcommittee officers broke into Jit village and served 3 families military stop-work orders for their structures on the pretext of no permit for areas classified ‘C’ according to Oslo Agreements. The orders specified a hearing session in Beit El Military Court on October 12, 2011 to decide on the fate of the targeted structures.
Table 1: targeted structures:
Area (m2)
Family members
Nidal as Sadda
60 9 5
Abdul Salam Arman
180 4 2
Under-construction house (one storey and a basement)
Jum’a al Sakhen
100 2
Under-construction house (one storey)
340 15 7
14 similar issues have been issued against structures in the village since 2000.
Jit – an Overview:
Jit is located 12 km to the south west of Nablus city, on An Nar Mountain. It is also 14 km to the east of Qalqiliya city and is located under the jurisdictions of Qalqiliya Governorate. The village residences are placed over two parallel mountains overlooking the main road connecting Nablus and Qalqiliya. Jit is surrounded by various Palestinian communities including Surra and Tal (east), Far’ata. Al Funduq, Immatin, and Hijja (south), Qusin and Kafr Kaddum (north). It is also edged by the expanding Israeli colony of Kadummim.
Its total area is 6460 dunums including 243 dunums of built up area.
The Israeli Occupation confiscated more than 1200 of the village lands for colonial expansion purposes including the expansion of Kadummim and Gil’ad Zohar colonial nucleus. Such colonial entities cause day-to-day suffering to surrounding Palestinian population because of the Israeli army measures in addition to the daily aggressions committed by the colonists. Such attacks included attacks against agricultural fields and farmers.
The colonies take every chance to plant more mobile homes and confiscate lands; concurrently, the Israeli Occupation Army targets Palestinian structures on various justifications, mainly, the lack of construction permits; on the other hand, not only the colonists are free to plant their mobile homes anywhere in the West Bank but they also receive full support from their government and army. Jit is inhabited, according to the latest statistics done by the Village Council, by round 2700 people. The unemployment rate reached 34% of the total population. The Israeli measures and land confiscation drastically contributed to such high rate.


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