Setting 20 Dunums Ablaze in ‘Awarta village – Nablus governorate

Setting 20 Dunums Ablaze in ‘Awarta village – Nablus governorate
Violation: setting 20 dunums planted with trees and cereals ablaze.
Location: parcel 5 (Al Mazra’a) in ‘Awarta.
Date: August 1, 2011.
Perpetrators: the Israeli Occupation Army.
Victims: a number of ‘Awarta farmers.
On August 1, 2011, Israeli troops set agricultural fields alight in ‘Awarta. The soldiers were using flash bangs while training which started the fire.

Picture 1-3: flames consuming olive fields
The heat and huge areas planted with hay aided in the widespread of flames; in addition, the Israeli soldiers stalled the fire trucks causing more damage.
Abdul Salam Odeh, one of the victims, stated to an LRC observer: It is apparent that the Israelis are targeting Palestinian farms and farmers, they spread fear and terror by placing Itmar colony in the area. They transformed huge areas of ‘Awarta lands into military camps and watch towers. Now, it is setting the lands alight to express their hatred. etting lands alight is part of the daily aggressions; the victim has always been the helpless Palestinian farmer. s long as there is colonization, there will be day-to-day attacks on the Palestinians who are leading miserable lives thanks to the Israeli Occupation measures.’
‘Awarta is located 6 km away from Nablus city, its total population is 6000 people excluding the ones who immigrated in 1948 and 1967. Awarta states a clear evidence of the Palestinian agony, its inhabitants suffer from day-to-day harassments by the Israeli Occupation soldiers positioned in Huwwara military base. Awarta’s total area is 16400; 60 % of these lands are unreachable due to israeli land due to various types of Israeli attacks.


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