Stop-Work Orders in Al ‘Auja – Jericho Governorate

Stop-Work Orders in Al ‘Auja – Jericho Governorate
Violation: stop-work orders against 3 residences and an industrial facility.
Date: May 8, 2011.
Location: Al ‘Auja, Jericho Governorate.
Perpetrators: the Israeli Occupation Organization and Construction Committee.
Victims: various.

On May 8, 2011, Israeli troops accompanied by the Israeli Occupation Organization and Construction Committee officers broke into Al ‘Auja and handed 3 Palestinians stop-work orders under the pretext of building without permit in area classified ‘C’ according to Oslo.The order provided a respite till July 13, 2011, the date of the hearing session in Beit El Military Court to decide on the fate of the structures.The threatened structures are meters away from the organizational structure of the village in an area known as Dar abu Satta.
Table 1: information on the threatened structures:
Family members
Jamal Frehat
House (under construction)
Abdullah Ka’abna
Blacksmith shop (under construction)
The first building was demolished 8 months ago
Mis’if abu ‘Awwad
House (inhabited)
Second notification in less than a year
Mahmoud al Najayda
House (under construction)
Jamal Frehat stated to an LRC observer: ‘I was shocked to receive the order; I have started the permit process through Jericho Local Governance Department which assured me that I will get the permit because the plot I am using is located in area ‘A’ according to Oslo Agreement. However, the Israelis claim that the area is classified ‘C’ and that was the basis of their threat. Anyhow, the Israeli Occupation does not recognize the agreements signed between them and the Palestinians; unfortunately, the victim is the helpless Palestinian who has been deprived from his basic rights, living in dignity!’
Picture 1-3: threatened structures
Yusuf Ka’abna stated: ‘the black smith shop I won, the only source of income for me and my family, was demolished by the Israelis 8 months ago because it was built without permit. I moved to another area and started constructing a new shop; nevertheless, the Occupation curse is haunting me, they issued a stop-work order against it. I do not know where to go since the whole village is targeted by the Occupiers.’
It must be known that 17 various structures are threatened of demolition in Al ‘Auja.
Al ‘Auja – an Overview:
It is located 12 km to the north east of Jericho city, adjacent to the Jordan River. It is edged by the eastern regional road that leads far north to Bisan. Its total area is 106900 dunums, inhabited by 4131 people. The village’s boundaries reach up to Fasayel in the north and An Nuwei’ma (south), Jordan River (east) and Ramallah Mountains (west). Residents depend largely on agriculture in their living because of the availability of water.
The Israeli Occupation captured huge areas of Al ‘Auja for colonial expansion purposes besides having several military bases there. The Israelis, in addition, have isolated more than 20 dunums in an area known as As Sahel and was announced as a ‘military zone’.
The Israelis have established several colonies around the village, Nitaf (1967), Niran (1977), Noomi (1979), Tomer, and Netiv Hagedud in addition to placing numerous watchtowers around the village.
Most importantly, the lack of water has been hindering any development efforts in the village.The Israelis had, first, dried out Al ‘Auja River which used to provide 1800 m3 / hour leaving the villagers dependant only on tiny springs with salty water. This had catastrophic effects on the residents and on the agricultural sector in the area.


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