5 Stop-Work Orders in Fasayil – Jericho Governorate

5 Stop-Work Orders in Fasayil  – Jericho Governorate
Violation: notifying 5 family of immediate stoppage of construction in 8 structures.
Location:  Fasayel, 17 km to the north of Jericho.
Perpetrators: the Israeli Occupation by Inspection Committee.
Victims: various families.
Date: May 9, 2011.
Fasayil is located in the heart of the Jordan Valley area; it is considered a green oasis where people live on agriculture and herding. Nonetheless, the village has been suffering day-to-day aggressions by the Israelis; aggressions against trees, houses, residents, and cattle.
On May 9, 2011, Israeli troops accompanied by officers of the Israeli Occupation by Inspection Committee and served families there stop-work orders against their simple structures built of metal slabs and mud while claiming that the structures were illegally built in areas classified ‘C’ according to Oslo.3 similar campaigns had been launched against the village during the past 12 months. The Israelis gave the owners a respite till July 21, 2011, the date of the hearing session in Beit El Military Court.
Table 1: Information on the threatened structures:
Family members
Mohammad al Rashayda
9 5 2 1 1+2
Sa’id al Rashayda
6 4 1 1 3
Mahmoud Kharbish
7 4 1  
As’ad Jdea’
10 8 1 4+5
Mahmoud al Rashayda
13 10 1 6
45 31 4 4  
Picture A: Sa’id al Rashayda notification
Picture B: Mohammad al Rashayda notification

Picture C: As’ad Jdea’ Notification
Fasayil is located 17 km to the north east of Jericho; according to the Israeli Organizational structures of 1981, the village built-up area should not exceed 122 dunums. According to the Village Council, the village is population is 1100 people. Most of the residents are Bedouins who came to the village searching for water and herding areas in addition to a minority of refugees.
Most of the village lands are classified as ‘state property’ preventing the Palestinians from exploiting it in any possible way in addition to chasing them out and threatening their simple shelters. On the other hand, Israeli colonies in the area are expanding rapidly; the village is surrounded by several colonies, Bitsayel and Yavit besides edging the by-pass road ’90’ (north), Tumer, Netiv Hagedud, and Gilgal (south).
The recent order is nothing but putting more pressure on the residents of the village who has been besieged and isolated by the surrounding colonies.The Israelis are trying to drive the residents out in order to make taking over the area an easier process.


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