Targeting Arab Al Ka’abneh Complex in Al Mua’rrajat Area West Jerich City – Jericho Governorate

Targeting Arab Al Ka’abneh Complex in Al Mua’rrajat Area West Jerich City – Jericho Governorate
Violation: The issuing of 4 Stop Work orders against structures owned by Arab Al Ka’abneh.
Location; The area of Al Mua’rrajat west of the city of Jericho.
Date: March 29th, 2011.
On Tuesday March 29th, 2011, the Planning and Building Committee associated with the so-called Israeli “Civil Administration” delivered 4 stop work orders against the property of 4 Bedouin families from Al Ka’abneh clan. Occupation forces gave the owners only 3 days to dismantle their houses and bruxes. Otherwise, just like a lot of shelters and structures in the Jordan Valley, they will face destruction and utter demolition.
The Arab Al Ka’abneh complex in Al Mua’rrajat area is considered a living example on Israeli occupation policies aiming at uprooting the Palestinian presence from the Jordan Valley using a multitude of racist tools and procedures; the complex (like other Bedouin communities in the Jordan Valley) is not recognized by occupation authorities. As such, these authorities work tirelessly to displace all Palestinian Bedouins from the area in order to preserve the land for future colonial expansion. 
The following table lists detailed information about the threatened structures:
Family Members
Type of Structure
Oudeh Musa Abed Ka’abneh
Sheep brux
Mariam Mohammad Rabee’ Ka’abneh
Sheep brux and a zinco house
Ahmad Musa Rabee’ Ka’abneh
Sheep brux
Mohammad Musa Rabee’ Ka’abneh
Zinco house
3 brux and 2 houses
According to Sheikh Mohammad Al Ka’abneh, the head of the Ka’abneh complex, ‘this is not the first time the residents of the complex (n=156) have been told to leave the area despite the fact that they have been living here for more than 60 years. The nature of their living and their dependency on shepherding pushed them to move to the Jordan Valley in pursuit of water and grazing areas. Yet, Israeli occupation forces want to use the natural resources of the area for the benefit of the colony of Roniem in Al Mua’rrajat area.’
The displacement policies adopted by the occupation authorities have become a daily concern of Al Ka’abneh Bedouins as two demolitions has already taken place in the years 2007 and 2008. Mr. Oudeh Ka’abneh, one of the threatenedPalestinians, concluded that ‘ we have become threatened anywhere we are in the Jordan Valley as occupation forces do not leave us alone; during the day they chase off our shepherds while at night they raid out shelters and physically beat the young and the elderly. Our areas were declared Firing Zones while access to water sources is totally forbidden. They are preventing us from acquiring the very basic elements and sources of life. Even our humble shelters are targeted. We are the victims of a deliberate and systematic policy aiming at evicting us from our lands.’

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