Northern Jordan Valleys, an old new tragedy!

Northern Jordan Valleys, an old new tragedy!
Since the beginning of April 2011, the occupied Palestinian territory witnessed an ascending scale of Israeli assaults carried out by the Israeli Occupation Army and Israeli Settlers just the same. The assaults where in all over the West Bank, and still going on but an emphasis of the Israeli assaults were targeted toward the Northern parts of the Jordan Valley Region.
The escalation in the number and type of attacks has increased when the Israeli Occupation Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed thoughts of the Israeli government to build a Wall more specifically to build a border along the Jordan Valley area and the Eastern parts of the West Bank.
Some of these numerous assaults were recorded, covered, and reported by ARIJ field Team work. The assaults that where covered were in Ain Al Hilwa Bedouin Community, near by Maskyot Settlement, and Khalet Hamad / Al Farsya Bedouin Community, near by Rotem Settlement. These areas are declared by the Israeli Occupation Army as a Military Closed Area; still the Israeli settlers have managed to build colonies there and conduct the daily tasks of their lives with the protection and support of the Israeli Army and government; yet the indigenous Palestinian living in that area enjoy absolutely nothing of the Israeli privileges there.
 In a field visit for ARIJ field workers to Ain Al Hilwa Bedouin Community, the area where the Israeli established Maskyot Settlement, the place where the evacuated Gaza settlers relocated i9n the West Bank; they interviewed one of the residence of Ain Al Hilwa, Alian Zamel Samara Daraghma who spoke of warning notice delivered from â��Israel Nature and Parks Authority stating that their community is established on Natural Reserve area and should/ must be evacuated and dismantled.
However, the Israeli settlement of Maskyot which is illegally established in close vicinity of the Palestinian community as identified under international law and contrary to the UN Security Council resolution has no issues of any kind with that same nature and park authority.
The threats of the Palestinian residence there resulted with the eradication of one of the Palestinian residents there, which belong to Nabil Abu Mtawe; and an Israeli settlers setting up a tent in that location exclaiming that they will not leave until the Palestinians leave first. Another kind of problems facing Palestinian there is cattle herding, and this when herders drive their flock into the grazing fields and this is when the Israeli Army present the Palestinian herders with two choices; either to confiscate the cattle, or pay a fine of 1000 NIS (290 USD) as in Order #1 & Order #2 it shows the type of violation form delivered by the Israel Nature and Parks Authority. In Map 01-square ‘1’ it is shown the area where the Bedouin community is located and it shows a new built up area in Maskyot Settlement, expanding on the count of Ain Al Hilwa Bedouin Community Lands, as shown in Image 01.

Order #1 & Order #2
Map 01: Ain Al Hilwa and Arab Al Bida in Al Farsya and Al Maleh region.
Source: ARIJ Field Workers 2011
Image 01
It should also be noted that the Israeli Army has disregarded the Palestinian community in that area and classified it as a closed military area, and an Army Training Area. Image 02 – 05, it shows the blocks and signs showing the area as a military area, in Ain Al Hilwa Bedouin Community, as for Image 06, it shows the general features of Ain Al Hilwa Bedouin Community.
Image 2-6
A different location and practice exhibiting the settlers various types of assaults on the people and land was encountered by the Field Workers of ARIJ in Al Bida Bedouin Community, in Khalet Hamad and Al Hima Area, in Al Farsya Region, where a land of total area of 24 dunums, which belong to Hassan Hussien Abu Mihssen, and Sa’di Hussien Abu Mihssen was seized by the settlers of Rotem to expand the settlements area. Moreover, the settlers are using the confiscated land to as a touristic attraction site.
In Map 01 previously mentioned, in square ‘2’ & square ‘3’, it is shown the confiscated 24 dunums, and the built Palace of Rotem. In Image 07, it is shown a sign for Rotem settlement projects and investments area, an area for investments available for all investors, of course on the expense of the Palestinian lands of Al Farsya Community. Image 08 & Image 09, it shows the location of the confiscated land, with a total area of 24 dunums. As for Image 10, it shows part of Maskyot.
Image 7-10
The Israeli settlers, accompanied with the Israeli Occupation Army, are brutally and insanely attacking and stealing the Palestinian lands in the Jordan Valley in the Northern Valleys. These attacks are followed after the declaration of the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, concerning the Jordan Valleys being the eternal borders of Israel, and the safe defense line of Israel.
Yet, these declarations, attacks, and assaults, are considered illegal, and violating the International Law, of which the right to live, among others.
  • Hague Convention 1907, Article 23 states: ‘In addition to the prohibitions provided by special Conventions, it is especially forbidden to destroy or seize the enemy’s property, unless such destruction or seizure be imperatively demanded by the necessities of war’.
  • The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, General Assembly resolution 217, 10th of December 1948, Article 17 states: ‘No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his property’.
  • Geneva 4th Convention 1949, Article 53 &147, which states: ‘any destruction by the Occupying power of real or personal property belonging individually or collectively to private persons, or to the State, or other public authorities or social or cooperative organizations is prohibited, except where such destruction is rendered absolutely necessary by military operations’.
All these International Law articles and conventions show the right of the occupied people to live normal life, and at the same time it obligates the occupation to destroy or confiscate the property of the people under occupation in this area the Palestinians.
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