Demolishing 6 Shacks that belong to “Arab al Rashayda”.

Demolishing 6 Shacks that belong to “Arab al Rashayda”.
Violation: demolishing 6 shacks that belong to “Arab al Rashayda”.
Victims: 6 families of “Arab al Rashayda”.
Perpetrators: the Israeli Occupation Army.
Date: April 14, 2011.
Location: “Arab al Rashayda” – western Al Dyouk area.

On April 14, 2011, the Israeli Occupation Army demolished 6 shacks that belong to Zayed clan in“Arab al Rashayda”in the area called Al Dyouk. The demolished shacks received a demolition notice at the beginning of the year under the pretext of building without permits in area classified ‘C’ according to Oslo Agreement signed in 1993. The owners received a precautious order to stop the demolition till peremptoriness.
Picture 1-4: demolishing the shacks
The Israeli Occupation ignored the Israeli supreme Court order and demolished the shacks by tying them to the Army vehicles and dragging them till they fell.
Table 1: victims:
Family members
Husein Zayed
9 5
‘Ata Zayed
11 8
Taleb Zayed
6 3
Suleiman Zayed
8 3
Nayef Zayed
8 4
Ahmad Zayed
7 5
49 28
Arab al Rashayda:
Arab al Rashayda, like all the nomad communities around the West Bank, are considered a constant target for the Israeli Army aggressions. The Israelis objective is simply cleansing the Palestinian lands of its Palestinian residents. The clan, suffered from two catastrophes; first, they were evicted from their lands in Beer Shiva in 1948 when they scattered and resided in various areas; some resided around Bethlehem, others in Ramon eastern Ramalla, and the rest in the Jordan Valley area.
Nevertheless, after the conquest of the West Bank in 1967, the clan has become, again, a target for the Israelis who tried to to force them to leave their gatherings. In 1984, they were forced to change their habitat to areas around Ramallah and the Jordan Valley.
Picture 5-6: Arab al Rashayda – Jericho
In 1997, part of the clan moved to Al Dyouk area because of the availability of water and herding areas. However, the Israelis kept pressing on them; demolishing the shacks is part of a series of unstoppable aggressions.
Around 320 of the clan members reside in Al Dyouk areas.


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