Judization of Wadi Qana

Judization of Wadi Qana
Violation: increased aggressions against Wadi Qana.
Location: Wadi Qana – Northern Salfit.
Perpetrators: the Israeli Occupation Army and colonists Hordes.
Victims: farmers of Deir Istya.
Date: February, 2011.

Wadi Qana is known for its fertile land, beautiful nature, and availability of water. It is edged by Jinsafut, Kafr Laqif, ‘Azzun (north), Sniriya, Kafr Thulth (west), Qarawat Bani Hassan (south), Amatin and Deir Istiya (east). Most of the lands in Wadi Qana are property of farmers of Deir Istiya. Wadi Qana is more than 10000 dunums in area; it is mostly planted with olive trees, citrus, and many others.
It is also known for the availability of water; 11 natural springs exist in Wadi Qana making it convenient for cultivation; thus, a source of income for tens of families living in the surrounding villages. The Israeli Occupation classified Wadi Qana as a natural reserve in the seventies, preventing any cultivation activities.
During February 2011, the Israelis had escalated their aggressions against Wadi Qana; they, apparently, were targeting the Palestinian presence in the area.
The aggressions can be summarized as follows:
1.     on February 24, Israeli dozers destroyed 15 dunums of agricultural field; the field are the property of Yusuf al Samhan from Deir Istiya.
The destroyed fields are located nearby Revava colony which was built over Deir Istiya lands.
The PARC was conducting a land rehabilitation program in the area; the dozers destroyed the retaining walls in addition to 40 seedlings that were planted there. It must be pointed that the owner had received an evacuation order 3 months earlier; the order was issued under the pretext of “state property”.
The driller used in the rehabilitation process was impounded for 8 days in addition to fining the owner a sum of 6000 NIS.
2.     on February 27, Israeli colonists from Yakir colony uprooted 22 1-year-old olive seedlings in Abdulkareem Mansour field in Kaffet al ‘Amoud area. Located nearby Yakir and Revava colonies.
The colonists herds did not only uprooted the trees but they also wrote statements against Muslims and Palestinians on the trees. In addition, they drew red David Stars on the olive trees showing their hatred of the trees that symbolizes peace and the Palestinian struggle.
3.     on February 20, a group of colonists from Karni Shamron colony prevented Abdul Fattah Zeidan from herding in his lands. They took his personal ID and threatened to kill him if they saw him there again. In addition, they tried to steal his herd. Abdul Fattah went directly to Ad Damir Human rights organization to file a complaint.
4.     Karni Shamron Council in coordination with the Israeli Occupation authorities started on February 19 the rehabilitation of the road connecting the eastern entrance of the colony with the by-pass road piercing Wadi Qana. This, surely, serve future colonial expansion.
Palestinians are carefully observing the process since the rehabilitation of the road implicitly means taking over all of the fields on both sides of the road. In addition, it will mean that Palestinian farmers won’t be able to even reach their lands despite having deeds proving their ownership.
Haitham Mansour, from Deir Istiya, forms a living example on the Israeli brutality and the cooperation between colonists and their Governemnt.
The colonists uprooted seedlings he had planted; however, the Israeli Occupation Authorities justified the act by claiming that the area is classified as a natural reserve and he is supposed to exploit it. Nevertheless, Israeli colonists have other thoughts; they plow lands, burn trees and crops, constantly damaging the environment and of all that is done under the protection, and sometimes, supervision of the Israeli Authorities.
5.     on February 19, Israeli Occupation Soldiers chased out Abdul Rahman Salman and Mutasem Salman from their lands located in Al Shaftan area near Revava colony; the Israelis claimed that they have done that for “security reasons”. It must be known that both of them own a total of 16 dunums located near Revava colony.
pictures 1-4: the Israeli aggressions
It must be pointed out that the Israeli soldiers took pictures of the farmers using their cameras and ordered them not to be in these areas again.
Mr. Nazmi Salman, Governor of Beit Istiya stated to an LRC observer: “ Wadi Qana has been a target for the Israelis who established six colonies on its lands.The colonies devour lands and render Palestinians homeless; they also spreads fear and terror all around the area.In addition, the colonies are using more than half of Wadi Qana area for colonial activities.
On the other hand, the Palestinian farmers is deprived from the right to exploit his land and make use of it”.
Then he wondered:” how can planting olives impose any kind of menace on the colonists who, in turn, pump sewage all around the area??”
Salamn called for all the legal organizations and media to spot the light on what is happening in the area.
He also called on all farmers to stand up for their rights and not to leave their lands for whatever reason in order to prevent the Israeli Occupation from grasping Wadi Qana.



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