Evacuation Orders of Agricultural Lands

Evacuation Orders of Agricultural Lands
Violation: Evacuation orders issued by the Israeli forces against agricultural lands.
Date: February and March 2011.
Location: Tawas, Wadi Al Qalamoun and Khillet Ahmad Harb west of Beit Ula.

Israeli occupation forces issued “evacuation orders” against Palestinian lands located in the west of the town of Beit Ula. According to the Municipality of Beit Ula, the targeted lands belong to the following:
The heirs of Abdel Jabbar Ali Salameh and Mr. Bahjat Affaneh: They have found the evacuation order in their agricultural lands in the area of Tawas west of the town. The Order number was 609 and was titled “Eviction Order”
Pic.1+2: The eviction Order.
The Order was issued on the 21st of February, 2011, and requested that land owners “to remove their possession of the land and to return it to its original status” as the land was classified according to the occupation forces as “State Land”. The Order gave the owners a period of 45 days to remove the “violation”. Otherwise, occupation forces would carry out the operation and the owners will be billed for it. 
The map associated with the Order shows that the targeted lands are located in Parcel 15 Piece 2 within the lands of Murjan Abu Aseidah. Its area is 28 dunums and is planted with almond trees while others are being currently rehabilitated.  The heirs of Mr. Salameh own about 20 dunums planted with 400 almond trees since the year 2006 while Mr. Affaneh owns 8 dunums undergoing rehabilitation.
Pic.3+4: Part of the lands of the heirs of Mr. Salameh.

Pic. 5+6: Partt of the lands of Mr. Affaneh
The heirs of Mr. Mohammad Al Adam:
The targeted lands are located in the area of Wadi Al Qalamoun. The eviction order in its regard was issued on the 1st of March, 2011.
Pic.7+8: Copy of the Order.
The Order gave the owners of the land a mere 50 hours to remove the “violation” since the issuing of the Order. It also indicated that the owners will be legally prosecuted due to the violation. The map associated with the Order indicates that the area of the targeted lands is between 70 and 80 dunums planted with almond and olive trees since a year ago. Other lands are planted with wheat.
Pic.9-11: Part of Al Adams’ lands.
It has to be noted that a bagger working on the land was confiscated during the rehabilitation process. It was released a year after the incident after paying a fine of NIS 4,000. Mr. Mahmoud Saleh Al Adam: The Order was found in Mr. Adam’s lands located in a location known as Khallet Ahmad Harb. The Order was issued on the 9th of March, 2011.
Pic.12: A copy of the Order pertaining to Mr. Adams’ lands.
The Order gave the owners a mere 35 hours to remove the “violation.” The map that is usually attached with the Order was not found with the Order. Yet, Mr. Adam indicated that he owns about 20-dunum piece of land east of the Racist Wall some of which are planted with olive tress while the others are not planted.
Pic.13+14: Part of the lands of Mr. Mahmoud Al Adam.
Farmers of Khallet Ahmad Harb have indicated that Israeli occupation forces have used the said lands for “military trainings” while an Israeli quarry was established only nearby east of the Wall.
Pic.15: A section of the Racist Wall in Khallet Ahmad Harb.
It has to be reported that during February 2011 Israeli occupation forces have issued a number of Stop Work Orders against Palestinian structures in the area of Attous of Beit Ula while the colony of Nahousha is experiencing a rapid expansion at the expense of Beit Ula lands located beyond the Racist Wall.
Pic.16: the colony of Nahousha expanding at the expense of Beit Ula lands.
Pic.17: Palestinian structures and houses with Stop Work Orders while the colony of Nahousha appears in the background.

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