Attacks by Israeli Colonists in the Aftermath of the Itamar Incident

Attacks by Israeli Colonists in the Aftermath of the Itamar Incident
In the aftermath of the death of an Israeli colonist family in the colony of Itamar east of the city of Nablus, colonist gangs unleashed a wave of attacks against Palestinians. That is despite the lack of evidence pointing that Palestinians are involved in the incident and the fact that evidence was found linking a Thai worker that used to be employed by head of the deceased family.
In continuation of its monitoring of colonists’ attacks in the aftermath of the incident (see the initial report at) :
 The Land Research Center (LRC) documented Israeli colonists’ rampage in Hebron Governorate as listed below:  
Description of Attack
Colonists attack Palestinian vehicles near the town of Beit Ummar and break their windshields. They have also attacked the nursery shop of Mr. Habis Al Alami and damaged most of its content.
A group of colonists attack Palestinian homes in Al Arrub Refugee Camp.
Hundreds of colonists attack Palestinian homes in the town of Beit Ummar and throw stones at them. Israeli occupation forces also participated through firing teargas leading to the injury of the child Mo’ayyad Al Alamai with suffocation.
Colonists of Ramat Yashai attack Palestinian homes in Tel Rumeida and burn the car of Mr. Ashraf Al Sa’eed.
An Israeli colonist opens fire towards the truck of Mr. Mohammad Musa Al Najjar of the town of Yatta while travelling on the by-pass Road 60 near the town of Bani Na’eim. The vehicle received multiple bullets.
Kharsina colonists throw stones at the car of Mr. Shareef Sultan of Al Bweireh east of Hebron City. They broke the front windshield while Mr. Sultan was driving the vehicle.
Ma’on colonists and occupation soldiers attacks farmers of Twani south of Yatta and prevent them from accessing their lands. Mr. Fadel Ahmad Raba’ei received multiple body concussions due to soldiers’ attack.
Susiya colonists trespass on Palestinian lands near the colony. Mr. Naser Al Nawajaa indicated that colonists allowed their sheep to enter a planted Palestinian lands which led to the damage of the crops of at least 10 dunums.
A Ma’on masked colonist knife Mr. Mahmoud Ibrajheem Awad while en route from the hamlet of Tuba to Twani en route to Yatta. He is still in the hospital as of the writing of this report.
Two Palestinians were shot by a colonist as they participated in a funeral preceding in the town of Beit Ummar. According to eye witnesses, the colonists stopped his car while travelling on Road 60, stepped out of it, opened fire at the gathering which led to the injury of one Palestinian in the chest while another was shot in the thigh. They were both transported to Al Ahli Hospital. The injured are the 59-year old Mohammad Ali Mahmoud Abu Safiyya of Nuba and the 32-year-old Mr. Iyad Bassam Khalil Za’aqeeq, respectively.
Israeli occupation forces close down the main entrance to the town of Beit Ummar as well as a number of side entrances.
Israeli occupation forces arrest 14 foreigners while participating in a peaceful demonstration against colonists’ attacks in the village of Twani and the hamlet of Tuba.
Israeli occupation forces use force to disperse the participants in the weekly peaceful demonstration in Beit Ummar.
Source: Israeli Violations Monitoring Unit – LRC.
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