Tents Demolition Notifications in Susiya village – Yatta town in Hebron Governorate

Tents Demolition Notifications in Susiya village – Yatta town in Hebron Governorate
Violation: the Israeli Occupation threatens to demolish 7 tents which were about to be inhabited by 100 people.
Date: late December, 2010.
Perpetrators: the Israeli Occupation Authorities.
Victims: Al Jbour family.
The Israeli Occupation Campaign against the residential areas to the south of Yatta town is ongoing. The Israelis are trying to drive these people out of their households and villages. Mahmoud al Jbour explained to an LRC observer that the Israelis are trying many methods to break the Palestinians dedication and persistence so as to drive them out; so far they failed. Mahmoud and some of his family members live in simple tents in the northern parts of Susiya.
However, when it is winter time, they take refuge in the surrounding caves; the caves that used to form most of Susiya residents before the establishment of the colony that has the same name. Mahmoud stated :”we built tents to shelter our families and we intended to build more tents for sheltering our herds that we were going to bring from Yatta to Susiya. The intention was taking advantage of the grass fields and water springs in our lands”.
He also pointed that the Israelis have issued different orders with different titles against these tents. He said that the Israelis have used planes to distribute the orders. It was clear that the orders were nothing more than empty forms that has no dates or coordinates; sometimes only court sessions dates. Sometimes, aerial maps were enclosed. LRC’s GIS unit studied the maps and orders and found out that the threatened area is about 88 dunums.

Order 1-2: a photocopy of the military “eviction orders”

Map 1: a map showing the threatened areas

Order 3-4: stop-work orders
The latest harassment was when the Israeli Occupation Civil Administration showed up in Susiya and handed the locals some new orders. It must be known that Al Jbour and his family have deeds proving their ownership of the land; they have “Tabu” document (A Tabu is a document issued by the Ottomans to prove land ownership). Al Jbour has a pile of documents proving his ownership all the time to show them to the Israelis whenever they appear.
Picture 1: Mahmoud al Jbour looking at the pile of documents
Al Jbour family are facing problems with their herds after being threatened by the Israelis. The families are residing in Susiya while the herds are still in Yatta knowing that the family were looking for new herding sites which is their habit every spring. Al Jbour made a call through the LRC to all the humanitarian agencies to offer them help to stand against the Israeli Occupation measures and to help them bring their herds back.
Table 1: owners of the endangered tents:
Mahmoud al Jbour
Issa H al Jbour
Mohammad al Jbour
Tayseer al Jbour
‘Ayed al Jbour
Issa M al Jbour
Omar al Jbour
It must be noted that at the moment only the head of the families reside in the tents while the rest of their families are away. The estimated number of people away is 100 people.
Picture 8-9: Susiya life style
Meanwhile, Israeli dozers are implementing huge plowing campaign around Susiya; it appears that the Israelis are about to place new colonial units on the south eastern part of the colony.
Picture 10-11-12: Susiya plowings and expansion

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