Israeli Occupation Forces Demolish Two Houses in Azzun Al Atma

Israeli Occupation Forces Demolish Two Houses in Azzun Al Atma
Violation: The demolition of two houses that used to provide shelter for 11 Palestinians including 7 children.
Date: January 11th, 2011.
Victims: The families of Mr. Samer Mohammad Hassan Younis and Mr. Ma’ein Ameen Younis.

‘After my house was demolished, I don’t know where to go with my family in this cold weather. I have lost everything and my children have no shelter now”. With these simple words Mr. Samer Mohammad Hasan Younis of Azzoun Al Atma talked about the tragic situation that he and his family found themselves in in the aftermath of demolishing his house by Israeli occupation forces.
On Tuesday January 11th, 2011, the family of Mr. Samer Younis was awaken by the sounds of the Israeli bulldozers and military jeeps surrounding their home from all directions. Israeli occupation soldiers used loud speakers to inform the family to move out of the house “immediately” in order to start demolishing it. The family was able to remove only few items of its belongings before the bulldozers started their destructive work.
Photos 1-3: The debris of the houses of the Younis families.
Within less than an hour, the 210-m2 two story house was reduced to rubble on top of most of its furniture and the dreams of the families of dignified living. Mr. Samer Younis has expressed his shock and condemnation after he lost his house which he built over a period of 10 years. He said: ‘ About 10 years ago I started to build my house which has become a shelter for me, my wife and three children. In the year 2000, I received a Stop Work Order from the so-called “Civil” Administration under the pretext of building without a permit in Area C. At that point in time I started the process to get the needed permit. I have prepared all the needed official documents which cost me a great sum of money. However, Israeli occupation forces delayed processing my application despite the fact that I have provided them with all the needed papers. Yet, I insisted to continue the process. Every time I would go to the Israeli court in Bet El, I was told that due to the “security conditions in the West Bank” the court session got postponed. I have spent a lot of money going back and forth to the court. I work as a daily worker and just couldn’t face all of these financial obligations. Yet, despite all of the difficulties, I continued haggling with them until I received with another Stop Work Order in 2005. In the summer of 2010, I received the third Stop Work Order and eviction order within a period of 3 days. Finally, they have come and destroyed my dream despite me possessing all the legal documents !!!’
To the west of the village of Azzun Al Atma, the house of the 34-year old Mr. Moein Ahmad Ameen Sa’eed Youns was the next target for Israeli demolition. After the demolition of Mr. Samer’s house, the Israeli bulldozers headed towards Mr. Moein’s 100-m2 agricultural house. It was constructed in an effort to protect the agricultural lands owned by Mr. Moein who used to use it as a resting place after a long day of work in the land. The house was totally destroyed and left the family of 6 homeless. Again, the occupation forces used the pretext of building without a permit in Area C as the motive behind the demolition.
It has to be mentioned that the village of Azzoun Al Atma is considered one of the most targeted villages and towns in the Governorate of Qalqilia by Israeli occupation forces. According to its village council, the number of Stop Work Orders in the village has reached 43 while 14 demolitions have actually taken place in the village.
Azzun Al Atma:
The village is located east of the Green Line at a distance of 3 kilometers away from the city of Qalqilia. Its population is 1980. Around 80% of its workforce work in farming while an additional 15% work inside Israel. The remaining 5% work in commerce and in the public sector.
The village is surrounded by the colony of Sha’are Tikva from the eastern and northern directions. The houses of the colony almost touch the houses of the village. Barbwires separate between the village and the colonies’ eastern and northern directions. The colony confiscated more than 1500 dunums of the lands of Azzun Al Atma, Siniria, Masha, Beit Amein and Al Zawiyya.
The colony of Oraniet surrounds the village from its western direction. It was established in 1983 over an area of more than 2,000 dunums. This means that the village is totally closed off from its western, eastern and northern directions since the year 1983. Residents can only enter it through the main gates of the said colonies which are heavily protected.
It is worth pointing out that Israeli occupation forces have re-opened Azzun Al Atma’s northern gate for Palestinian traffic since the year 2009. The closed gate, in effect, isolated the village from its immediate Palestinian environs. However, in return for the opening, Israeli forces established a fence isolating the village from its southern lands located parallel to Road 505. This has led to the isolation of 75 Palestinians beyond the Racist isolation Wall. 


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