Israeli Colonists Plough 20 Dunums of the Town of Sa’ir in Hebron Governorate.

Israeli Colonists Plough 20 Dunums of the Town of Sa’ir in Hebron Governorate.
Violation: The ploughing of 20 dunums of Palestinian lands.
Location: The town of Sa’ir – Hebron Governorate.
Affected: Members of the clan of Al Shalaldeh.
Violators: The colonists from Asfar colony.
On the 3rd of January, 2010, the colonist of Asfar (established in the east of the town of Sa’ir) ploughed 20 dunums (out of 60) of Palestinian lands in the area of Al Qanoob east of the town. According to Mr. Hatem Al Shalaldeh, the colonists brought a bulldozer and ploughed lands belonging to members of his clan.  

Photos 1+2: The marks of ploughing in Al Shalaldeh lands.
This was not the first violation carried out by Asfar colonists in the area of Al Qanoob; in 2006 they confiscated about 30 dunums of Al Shalaldeh lands in addition to tens of dunums of Tayyem clans’ lands as well as lands owned by Palestinians of the town of Al Shyoukh. The confiscated lands were surrounded by wire fence and were planted with olive trees. The lands were overtaken by the colonists after Israeli occupation forces prevented its owners from reaching it over an extended period of time.
Photo 3: Part of the confiscated lands with olive trees in it.
The new ploughing meant that Mr. Shalaldeh has lost all of his 60 dunums as part of it were part of the ones confiscated in 2006 while additional sections were ploughed by the colonists. The colonists have ploughed the land in lines parallel to the land planted with the olive trees in a clear sign of their intention to place their hands on it. Moreover, they have placed marks on the ground and on some stone walls as marks of the confiscated area.
Photo 4: Marks written by the colonists in Al Shalaldeh lands.
Mr. Shalaldeh indicated that the 2006 confiscation and the recent ploughing took place without any prior notifications and that it was carried by the colonists (vs. the usual cases when occupation forces carryout such actions). He also pointed out that he planted his land with olive trees in order to assert his ownership of it, yet the colonists uprooted all of what he planted. 
The colonies of Metsadot Shamoan and Asfar were established on Al Qanoob lands east of the town of Sa’ir. As is the case of other colonies in the Governorate of Hebron, colonists of these two colonies have made it a habit to chase off Palestinian shepherds and prevent them from accessing their lands. As a result of these repeated attacks and violations, Palestinian shepherds and land owners were forced to leave their lands and caves which made it easier for the colonists to execute their pre-determined plans. 
Photo 5: Part of the colony of Metsadot Shamoan

Photo 6: Part of the colony of Asfar.

Photo 7: Caves deserted by its Palestinian owners due to attacks by colonists.

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