The Israeli Occupation Bulldozes a Children Cemetery in Beit Ummar

The Israeli Occupation Bulldozes a Children Cemetery in Beit Ummar
Violation: partially bulldozing Beit Ummar cemetery while enlarging Karmi Zur colony.
Date: December 22, 2010.
Perpetrators: the Israeli Occupation Army.
Victims: Beit Ummar residents.

On December 22, 2010, Israeli dozers partially leveled a children graveyard to the ground in Beit Ummar town. Yusuf abu Maria, a local, stated that the Israeli dozers plowed a cemetery used to bury newborn dead.
Picture 1-2: plowing marks
He added that the graveyard is officially registered as the place used to bury newborn children who unfortunately lose their lives.
Picture 3: a plowed grave
Furthermore, Israeli Occupation dozers used cement blocks, huge rocks, and earth mounds to block two branch roads in the eastern  part of the town, nearby the watch tower placed there. The Israelis are trying various ways to force the residents of Beit Ummar to use the gate placed at the main entrance of the town. The Israeli soldiers usually close that gate causing drastic traffic jams.
Picture 4: a blocked branch road
The Israeli Occupation Authorities demolished a water well in the western part of Beit Ummar which was used by the locals before being captured by the Israelis. On the other hand, the nearby Karmi Zur colony expansion seems to be unstoppable.
Eyewitnesses stated that they had seen concrete pumpers in the lands confiscated and plowed the year before; seemingly for the purpose of adding new colonial units in the area.
Picture 5: expansions in Karmi Zur
The Palestinians lands have been unreachable for a while thanks to the Israeli Army and colonists attacks. They can get to their lands only under the cover of foreign friends, supporting the Palestinian cause, who provide some sort of protection. However, these foreigners can rarely guarantee their own safety since soldiers target them using tear gas and other weapons. The farmers are terrified of the fact that the colony current expansion will cause the loss of more lands in the western parts of Beit Ummar.


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