An Eviction Notice for a Farmer in Beit Ummar and Expansions in Karmi Zur and Bet Ein colonies

An Eviction Notice for a Farmer in Beit Ummar and Expansions in Karmi Zur and Bet Ein colonies
On October 7, 2010, the Israeli Occupation Authorities handed farmers from Beit Ummar eviction notices. Mohammad ‘Ayyad, the spokesman of the Palestinian Consolidation Program in Beit Ummar, stated that Israeli Occupation troops accompanied by the Civil Administration employees chased the farmers out of their lands in Wadi abu Irmayesh area while they were rehabilitating their lands. The Israelis claimed that the lands are “the property of the Jewish State”.
The Order issued by the “Civil Administration of Jehuva and Samariyya, the Central Inspection Unit”, and entitled “Eviction Notification” stated that “we would like to inform you that you illegally claimed property of the lands… coordinates 209303/ 617621.”

Order 1
The notification ordered the owner to “release the land and evacuate it within 24 hours”. The order threatened the farmer, the landlord, to “facing persecution and the consequences of his actions”.
It must be pointed out the order is designated against Mohammad ‘Adi from Beit Safa village to the west of Beit Ummar town. Bet Ein colony is built over Beit Safa village lands and the endangered land is located nearby the colony to its west.
Picture 1: Adi’s lands
The endangered area is around 300 dunums in area; it is partially planted and part of it is grazing area. In addition, some part is planted with forestry trees. Adi began rehabilitating his land with the support of the Palestinian Consolidation Program in an attempt to protect it from confiscation. The volunteers initiated a large scale plowing and cleaning operation with the intention of planting the area with prunus. However, the Israeli Occupation call prevented the completion of the operation.
The locals are afraid of the extension of the eviction process to reach more farmers and more lands in the area; more than 1500 dunums are facing similar threat. The Israeli colonists and troops chase out the farmers whenever they get to their lands located in the area.
Colonial expansions in Beit Ummar:
Israeli Occupation dozers initiated a large scale plowing and leveling operation in the surrounding of Karmi Zur colony with the intention of laying foundation for new colonial structures.
Dozers have been seen working on the western, southern, and northern sides of the colony. They were also seen operating in lands confiscated in 2006 when the colony fence consumed it.
Moreover, the leveling process was initiated in the southern and western sides of the colony; areas not surrounded by fences which spread fear among the farmers who fear that the process will include more areas in the future. In addition, construction works have been viewed in a Jewish synagogue in the northern parts of the colony.
Picture 2-3: Israeli dozers leveling lands

Picture 4: the area before the beginning of the construction of the synagogue (2009)

Picture 5: the erupting synagogue (2010)
Picture 6: endangered Palestinian lands – western karmi Zur
On the other hand, construction works have been witnessed in Bet Ein colony northern Beit Ummar. Leveling have been viewed in the southern parts of the colony; a step towards constructing more colonial units in previously confiscated lands.
Picture 7: leveling in Bet Ein

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