The Israeli Occupation Organization Committee orders the conversion of Palestinian properties into a natural reserve

The Israeli Occupation Organization Committee orders the conversion of Palestinian properties into a natural reserve
Violation: the conversion of 400 dunums into a natural reserve.
Location: parcel 2, Beer Ammar area, Qarawat Bani Hassan.
Date: September 16, 2010.
Violators: the Israeli Occupation Organization Committee.
Victims: more than 80 Palestinian families.

Beer Ammar area has always been known for its natural springs and fertile lands. It has been considered a major source of income for many Palestinian families who used to plant it with vegetables and cereals; taking advantage of the water sources.
In May, 2009, a large group of the village farmeres commenced into a large scale rehabilitation process in an attempt to protect their lands from the Israeli greed. The rehabilitation process lasted till August, 2010 using heavy machinery.
In August, the farmers were surprised to see a force of the Israeli Occupation Army raiding their lands and expelling the workers and the heavy machinery for “security reasons”.
The villagers did not comply with the Israeli measures and proceeded with rehabilitation process using their bare hands. Regardless, on September 16, 2010, farmers found papers and maps randomly spread throughout their lands. The papers were eviction orders ordering the farmers to leave their lands within 48 hours because it is classified as natural conservatory.
Picture 1: a photocopy of the eviction order
It must be pointed that the date on the orders goes back to August 5, 2010. more than a month earlier. Apparently, the Army intends to put facts on the ground by not giving the farmers any chance to object! The farmers filed a complaint through the Palestinian District Coordination Office. Nevertheless, the Israeli reply was that the orders go back to August 13, 1982. The farmers totally rejected the Israeli claims and stated that they have been farming their lands for ever!
The Palestinians believe that the orders have been issued in an attempt to support the Israeli colonies efforts in taking over the lands; the lands that have been facing colonists attempts to place caravans and a fence around Beer Ammar area. However, the locals protected their lands and prevented the colonists from seizing it. Now, the Israeli Army is trying to perform the colonists task!
Qarawat Bani Hassan:
Qarawat Bani Hassan is located over a hill, 13 km to the west of Salfit city. The village is more than 2000 years old which is proved by the existence of historical structures. The village is surrounded by the following villages: Bidya (west), Sarta (south), and Deir Istiya and Haris (east). It is inhabited by 3840 people according to the PBS statistics held in 2008 in addition to around 1000 people living outside the village.
The villagers depend largely on agriculture in their living, the most important crops are wheat and olives. In addition, the villagers work in merchandize and industry, especially stone industry.
There are three different natural springs within the village borders including Abu Ammar, Al Majoor, and Al Mahd. There are also some ruins marking various civilizations in addition to a number of religious sites. It must be pointed that Qarawat bani Hassan, like any other Palestinian village, has been targeted by the Israeli continuous colonization.
Four Israeli colonies were built over the village lands, these are Maale Israel, Qiryat Nitavim, Revava, and Yakir. The existence of these colonies contributes to the continuous land confiscation in addition to the destruction of the infrastructure.


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