The Israeli Colonists in the West Bank Rapidly Restart Land Confiscation and Colonies Expansion in the West Bank

The Israeli Colonists in the West Bank Rapidly Restart Land Confiscation and Colonies Expansion in the West Bank
By the end of the moratorium period, or the “settlements freeze” period which was decided by the Israeli Government as a sign of good will in November, 2009. However, this period was nothing but an attempt to distract the International community on the real expansions happening on the ground.
Days before the expiry of the “freeze period” on September 25, 2010. Many Israeli colonists restarted the land confiscation and the land-leveling processes. They also spread numerous caravans randomly in Palestinian lands which has always been viewed as a preliminary step towards the expansion of colonies or the construction of new ones.
The Israeli colonies include:
1.     Revava Colony:
Revava is built on Deir Istya lands. In the early morning hours on September 24, 2010, the colonists plowed more than 40 dunums of Deir Istya lands and spread 20 caravans there. These are to be included in the colony total area.
Surely, the process had been blessed by the Israeli Government which provided protection and security for these colonists through the entire course. The Israeli Army prevented the Palestinians from getting close to their lands that had been devoured by the colonists.
The colonists viewed it as a way to defy whatever happening in the peace talk and to show everyone that they are above the law and that they do not commit to any future “peace agreement”.

Photos 1+2: Revava expansion
2.     Teppua Colony:
It is constructed over the lands of the Palestinian villages of Marda and Yasuf. However, things were not different there. Large scale plowings were held in the northern eastern part of the colony, in parcel ‘7’ within Yasuf lands. In addition, a large number of caravans have been placed in the location.
The colonists appear to be preparing for the construction of a number of barns and different agricultural structures in the targeted area. It must be mentioned that Yasuf residents filed a complaint to the Israeli Police against the colonists who were stealing their lands and acting as it was their own. Nevertheless, the Israeli Police paid no attention to the complaint!
Pictures 3-5: Teppua expansion works
3.     Expansion of the Colonial Industrial Zones:
Barqan Colony, which is built over Bruqin and Haris lands provided a living evidence for the expansion process. The expansion process in this colony has been going on daily basis since its establishment in the 1980’s and through the “moratorium”. Recently, Israeli colonists commenced the milling of a road that surrounds the colony in order to attract more investors, regardless of the “settlement freeze”.
It must be noted that Barqan Colonial Industrial Compound has been built over the lands of the Palestinian villages of Haris, Bruqin, and Sarta in Salfit Governorate.It was established to be an industrial zone and took over more than 2720 dunums of Palestinian lands before 2006. Its total built-up area is 349 dunums and is inhabited by around 1300 colonists according to statistics held in 2005.
More than 150 factories are located within the compound which all contribute to the pollution of the Palestinian environment.
To conclude,
  • the meetings, negotiations, peace talks, and all the promises and commitments made by the Israeli government mean nothing on the ground.
  • The colonization and Judization processes are unstoppable.
  • On the other hand, the siege, the killings, the arrests, and the raids are held against the Palestinians on daily basis.
  • Israel is trying to put facts on the ground, facts that tend to erase the Palestinians and cleanse the lands from its rightful citizens.
It can be said now that the Palestinian State mentioned in the media is unattainable thanks to colonial cancerous cells spreading all around the West Banks preventing any development or improvement and aborting any plan for its establishment.

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